Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Scenes from a Renovation

I'm keeping these reports coming especially for you, Melli. I think you're almost as excited about this as I am. Not much real visible change yesterday, though Fred worked very hard as always. I WILL get my walls painted, though because as you can see, he cut lots of holes into them. This will be to anchor hand rails to help me steady myself standing and sitting. I used to use the sink but the new one is a pedastal, so they don't recommend me doing that any more. I'm almost as excited about getting painted as about getting the rails.

The walls are in. He put lots of blocks in behind here too, so much of what he spent his day working on, doesn't really show, it's just there.

As you can see, it's hard to get a good view of the shower. This is what the surface looks like. The built in seat will be in the back corner.

And just for a break from torn up bathrooms.... my girls... Tara Grace is pretty mellow about all the ruckus. Angel is taking being locked in the bedroom hard, but she's also anxious about the changes. And is spending most of here time in there even when the door is open. Poor baby.
It smells funny in the house too - all the glues and new linoleum and other smells which I'm sure are much stronger to the cats than they are to me. If we're lucky we'll get the sink today. I really miss having a sink in there.

Happy Thursday!


Finding Pam said...

Raven, the remodel is comming along. The smells would be enough to make me sick. I am happy that you and your cats are surviving. In the end it will be so great to have it done.

Carletta said...

Progress is indeed being made!
Tara Grace and Angel are being real troopers. :)

SouthLakesMom said...

Poor girls! But when it's all done and beautiful, and more importantly, functional, you'll be happy. And as they say, "when mama's happy . . ."

P.S. I like the way the lino turned out as well! And praise God for hand rails!

Akelamalu said...

It's great when you can see progress. It will look fantastic when it's all finished. :)

Melli said...

It is coming along! All those invisible changes are important and now that they are done the visible changes will move along more quickly! So have you picked your paint color yet?

Raven said...

Hi melli - paint color will be the same pale blue as the kitchen walls... I figured that would save them money and it goes with the floor color. I can shower tomorrow but the sink won't be in until next week... Monday or Tuesday they'll come back and hook things in, put the hand rails up and finish the rest, I guess. Fred will be back Tuesday, but he said he's hoping someone will come put my sink in on Monday. Me too.

Unknown said...

Looking are the girls! ;D

Janie B said...

Renovation is always exciting. Can't wait to see the finished room.

Your kitties are so precious.

San said...

Things are shaping up, even as they're torn apart. Nice changes to make life more comfortable.

In the top photo I am struck by the soft light coming through the window.

Dianne said...

a cat's sense of smell is 35 times stronger than ours
imagine that!!!!

they'll be fine though
Siren has survived so much stress and heaven knows he's insane

I'm excited for you
the seat in the shower will be heaven