Friday, December 23, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 183

FINALLY finished at 11:24 pm on Christmas Eve.  Not thrilled with what I have written, but grateful to have written anything at all. Sorry to be so late, though, what with Christmas and everything, I imagine nobody has noticed.

Word for this week's 10-word challenge were:  speaker, moose, garbage, clouds, SOS, simple, calendar, entertaining, wool, bananas   And for the mini: sweet, whimper, orange glow, flute, dose

My mega: 

Back at the Dragon's cave, Purpose Perfidy whimpered in the orange glow of a cloud of protective magical stasis. He was frightened although he knew that they were trying to help him but every fiber of his being wanted to run away screaming SOS at the top of his lungs. It didn't help that he was - he knew - in the beginning of alcohol withdrawal so that he felt unable to discern between what was real and what was hallucinations. At one point, the wizard, who sensed his panic, had come over and had put some musical speakers that played calming flute music and suggested that he concentrate on some one thing to help keep his fear minimal. Fear, he said would feed the curse and weaken the protective magic. Purpose had chosen to focus on a picture of what appeared to be a moose on a calendar not far from where they had placed him. The music was like a dose of a strong tranquilizer. He drifted in and out of consciousness. In this more relaxed state, it was almost entertaining to watch the wizard and the dragon sort through what looked like a pile of garbage - bones, banana peels, balls of wool yarn and other oddities - while whispering (it seemed to him) feverishly to one another. And then he heard what sounded like laughing and a sweet voice saying: "Who would have thought it could be so simple!! and then she was singing the words "Remember son, the Number One, Sun to sun, the Number One, Day is Done, the Number One, that is how the spell's begun, First we dance, then we run, then we watch the web be spun. Hate expires, Love has won, Love is ONE. Dawn of day to setting sun. Remember always Number One."  As she sang, it was as if a darkness lifted out of him... and then he fainted

My mini: 

Paraphrase and Spark looked at the unconscious painter and discussed whether it would be safer to leave him in the orange glow of protection for a little longer. He was still whimpering, even in his unconscious state. I wouldn't put it past Psycho's father to have embedded a second curse, plus he is going through withdrawal, I believe.. Perhaps we should dose him with something as well. Any ideas, my sweet and beautiful dragon?"  "Can you turn the flute music off, please," the dragon replied and began a slow rhythmic chant. "I do sense a second spell, but first, I think we need to treat the alcohol poisoning. Do you think thistle bane and dragon flower would do it?" "I bow to your wisdom, great one. I will return in a blink," he replied and vanished into thin air.

My 10-word:

Good as his word, the wizard reappeared almost instantly, carrying a large basket of herbs and fruits and a number of odd-looking amulets. Handing her a small dish of salmon colored paste, he told her, "According to Confetti, bananas and moose berries are particularly effective at minimizing alcohol craving. His potion (that's what it is really... the man is a wizard in my book) clears the mind - helps pull the wool, out, is how Confetti put it. Funny how the Paragon and I went to find this man thinking him to be human garbage like Psycho's father, only to find he is just another victim. I suppose I should have known that nobody truly evil could have painted that portrait. Have you come up with anything new, Paraphrase? Sorry to be rambling on so. I have to admit this whole thing has me somewhat shaken." "I know what you mean, Spark," the dragon replied. "I'm entertaining the idea that this is a Speaker SOS interlaced with a Clouds the mind spell. It won't be as simple as we might wish to break him free.  I think Confetti's beverage is a good first step. Speaker SOS is best broken under a full moon. Looking at my calender, that gives us three days to prepare. Hopefully, when he has recovered, he will have a clue for us as to where we can find the Purple Teddy bear.  Given the depth of the elder Psycho's evil, I have brought us each a protective amulet. I would not put it past the man to have embedded magic land mines into his spell." Than god for the genius and foresight of Amanda Purist's father and for his grandson's memory. There is hope for the kingdom, Paraphrase. Hope at last and this poor soul is one of the keys to unlock the prison in which we have all been held for so long. We must proceed with every caution our age and wisdom offers us... and with as much haste as possible. 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  satin, tub, tin box, charity, folk songs, laughter, lizard, pale, barnacle, heated

And for the mini: simple, tangerine, absolute, broken, frogs

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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