Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Daily Reminder # 65

OK.... I've got nothing original tonight, so I thought I'd call on Emmanuel's Book once again. Much of the book is responses to questions, in this case:

What is enlightenment?

Everything and nothing
Let me see if I can find another way to put this.
If I say to you: "Enlightenment is all-knowing,"
then I limit enlightenment.
If I say, "enlightenment is all-loving,"
I limit love.
There can be no beginning and no end
and your human vocabulary is rife with limitation.

So let us say enlightenment
is being in the moment through eternity
without the intellect
but with the consciousness of all things.
It is absolute peace
without the awareness of non-peace.

It is absolute love
without the awareness of hate.

It is all things without end
having forgotten the illusion of ending.

All things are of God
and all consciousness
eventually knows
its oneness with God

The natural flow of consciousness
is towards Light
The only resistance to Oneness
is within your own consciousness.
Here is the struggle.

As awareness expands, it cannot contract.
It can be distorted, but it cannot contract.
Once one has known a human consciousness
there would be little use
in being a blad of grass again,
for the karmic structure of the human being
is far more complex and aware.

Experiences manifested in your life
by the resistance you still possess
are there in the interest of both truth and Light.
They show you the pain of these obstructions
so you will move through them.

In the faith of knowing that all things
are moving towards God
the obstructions take on
a different meaning and form.

They are there at the human level
to obstruct
but at the ultimate level
to instruct.

Whether temporal or infinite,
all things are beautiful

Some of you want to see
only what is already lighted,
hoping to avoid
what is still in darkness in your world.

Life does not have to be white-washed
in order to be beautiful.

If you were to dissect a human being
and break him up into all his components
there would be no need to apologize
for any of the parts.

Some things I'm grateful for today:
  • Netflix
  • Punny Monday
  • Isabel Allende
  • my back yard
  • paper towels
  • my therapist
  • the ability to change
  • Emmanuel's Book


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Argent said...

"Life does not have to be white-washed/in order to be beautiful". True!