Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Reminder # 73

The sky isn't falling. It's still up there. Sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunlit, sometimes full of moon glow, but always there, right where it belongs.

Much like my addiction to food, I keep swearing off the news and falling off the abstinence wagon. I don't know about the media in other countries, but here in the US, it has little to do with balance, information or the truth. It's all chicken little all the time. And it's SO easy for me to get sucked in, frustrated, to believe that the bad guys always win. They don't. The news isn't true even though it is drummed into our heads over and over.

Apparently there are a bunch of joyful religious types and scientists who think we have come to the end times. I have to admit between the weather and floods and oils spills, it's a bit tempting to go there, though I think God is much more loving than that. I think there is plenty of hope to fix the things we have broken and let our children and our children's children grow up in a cleaner, healthier, kinder world.

So I repeat. Even though it sometimes feels like it. The sky is NOT falling. It may be cloudy. There may be lightning and thunder, but it isn't falling. I thought I'd close with the next to the last passage from Emmanuel's Book. The question: What does Planet Earth look like from a distance:

I see Light.
I see consciousness.
I see waves upon waves
of prayer and supplication,
of pain and of joy
leaving your earth.
There is a constant flow
of the consciousness of longing
away from your earth,
a constant flow of healing
towards it.
There is continuing communication
which I perceive in waves of Light.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Schwan's
  • water
  • fans, fans and more fans
  • legs to walk on (even if unsteadily)
  • ears to hear
  • eyes to see
  • taste buds
  • beautiful skies
  • clouds
  • rain

May you have a day of beautiful skies
and soft COOL breezes
or for those in other climes,
whatever feels good for your season.


Dianne said...

oh this is all so lovely
I think we'll need to wait a bit for the cool breezes but that's OK, they are on their way

hey that rhymes!!
see how you inspire me ;)

hold off on the emery thing
so far neither of the cats likes it
it's only been a few days, I'll let you know
you know how long it takes cats to feel comfy with things

Janie B said...

Love your lovely thoughts!