Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Reminder # 78

I'm going to save the piece I was working on last night for the time being because I have to have a political rant. I've tried to resist, but it's eating at me. I was going to post this separately but think I'll just make it into part of the daily reminder even if it's not very nice.

Those of you who aren't American and/or aren't news junkies have probably not heard that the awful pseudo therapist "Dr. Laura" has made big news by using the word "nigger" (aka the "n-word") some 14 times in her response to a caller. The woman who called was a black woman married to a white man. She was troubled because of the attitude of some of his friends towards her and her husband's lack of concern. In the course of not asking what exactly troubled her about their questions/comments, Dr. Laura determined that the woman was over sensitive and somehow got on a roll saying "nigger" over and over. This was (in my opinion) the least racist thing she did, but it's what the news was full of, the shiny distraction from the heart of the deeper, subtler (but blatant) racism, which included the assertion that black people voted for the president because he was black and "don't NAACP me." I hadn't even heard the part of the conversation that Keith Olberman (bless him) share's below when he declares her the Worst Person in the World (a regular segment on his show).

Anyway I find it troubling how easy it is for the media to wave a shiny object (the word nigger) in front of us and get all hyperventilated about it, while totally ignoring the actual meat of a story. It's no wonder we make no progress dealing with racism, hunger, health care.....

Anyway, I'm cranky. Not the best way to approach a daily reminder, but it's what I've got to offer today. Apologies for my grinchyness.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

long nap
the internet
President Obama
the wonderful variety of races and cultures
blog visitors and their good wishes

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and concern. I'm feeling considerably better, but not quite good. A little tired, but ok on the whole. I think I'm in one of my periodic hypochondriac phases where my legs feel wobblier and my anxiety about survival goes through the roof. I get this way on and off and then I keep on living.


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The Bug said...

I just watched the video. Seriously? I've pretty much ignored her for years, but here she is again showing her true colors. Sigh.