Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daily Reminder # 76

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I don't have any new photos and I thought I'm tired from doing wordzzles (which came hard today for some reason), so I thought I'd find some inspiring music for today's reminder. Music to me is inspiration, joy, love, one of life's miracles. I'm grateful for it even when I get unruly songs stuck in my head. So here's some joy for you.

I was thrilled to find this first video on you tube. It's my wonderful, kind and gifted friend Ellie Sarty singing one of her own wonderful songs.

And then there's Sweet Honey in the Rock, a group Ellie introduced me to. One of my best ever birthday memories is when I was living in Callicoon and Ellie was my upstairs neighbor. She came down and made me a wonderful vegetarian breakfast and we sang along to a Sweet Honey CD and laughed. I love singing but I don't do it much any more.

These last three are Israel (IZ) Kamikawewo'ole, the late Hawaiian singer. There's something so beautiful about his Spirit that radiates out in these songs. He died tragically young.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • my friend Ellie
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • IZ
  • a voice to sing
  • democracy & freedom of speech
  • the hope of peace
  • the animals of this world
  • life
  • beauty
  • breath
  • the love of a good kitty
  • joy

May Your Day - and Your Life -
Be Full of Music and Song


Carletta said...

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Iz is one of my all time favorites. As a matter of fact I was by myself yesterday and singing along to it as I listened to my playlist on my blog. :)
I have to go listen to your friend now.

quilly said...

My first encounter with Iz's music was about a year before I moved to Hawaii. I bought a CD and listened to it constantly. After I moved to Hawaii and learned that he was born in the very village I lived in, I set out to learn more about him -- and that is when I learned that he died tragically young. Now when I hear his voice, I know that some things are just too beautiful for this world to contain.