Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daily Reminder # 86

Labels mean nothing. It's how you live, who you are that matters.

I've been all wrapped up in political discussion this week - about the non really a mosque not really at Ground Zero and now the nonsense about how President Obama is a "secret Muslim." Arrgh. It has been fascinating to me to see the Republicans - as they did with the Birther nonsense - either add fuel to the fire or disagree with the lies in such a way that they plant seeds of doubt. Things like "Well, if he says he's a Christian, I guess I have to take him at his word," or the Rev. Graham saying that Obama's problem (by way of allegedly defending him) is that he was "born" Muslim.  I posted the following comment and I think I'll just quote myself because I think I got it pretty right and no point in trying to redo it here:
Seems to me like Mr. Obama not only claims to be a Christian, but behaves in ways that live the principles of his faith unlike the doubt seeders who encourage racism and re-enforce lies by innuendo. I hate to go all biblical here, but the right brings to my mind the phrase from the book of Matthew about "you shall know them by their works." For me personally, people who stand for tax cuts for the wealthy, but no health care for the poor, who will let their fellow Americans starve but worry about too many rules for businesses, who deny global warming so that they can get campaign contributions from big oil, are not very reflective of the teachings of Jesus. Nor is encouraging racism and/or religious bigotry. Obama plants hopes (even if he isn't always successful) for the future. The GOP plants poison seeds of doubt while claiming to care about the children, democracy and the nation. Hmmm. I doubt them.
Ok... So I'm all political and not very spiritual reminder-y tonight. Sorry. I'm caught in the vortex of  my need to speak out against lies and innuendo and racism and hate... Or hopefully - even better - I'm speaking out FOR truth and love and honor and a free society.

But back to the phrase I started out with.... I think how you behave and what you say and do matters much more than what you call yourself. Seems to me that many of the people who wail loudest about the importance of Christian values seem to think they only apply to the rest of us.  Guess that's it for me tonight.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • a place to vent about politics (Huffington Post)
  • a shower
  • indoor plumbing
  • visiting bunnies
  • water
  • Netflix instant viewing
  • great movies - The Pianist


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