Thursday, August 05, 2010

Daily Reminder # 67

Good things do happen.

Two days in a row, hate has been defeated by love. The anti-gay marriage provision in California has been declared unconstitutional by a judge. It will have to move further through the court system and to the Supreme Court before it hopefully becomes true law of the land, but it is a sign of hope that the bad guys don't always win. Maybe this is a sign that the pendulum of hate has peaked and is beginning to lose its momentum. I hope so.

Just a couple of poems tonight, I think. Scrolling back to make sure I hadn't posted them already, I noticed that despite efforts not to repeat myself, I have posted a couple of poems more than once. My apologies for that. Don't think I've done this one since I started the daily reminders. If I have I apologize again. Hope this doesn't mean I'm getting senile. That would not be good. It isn't the plan. "The Plan" is to die in my sleep, 15 or 20 years from now with all my mental faculties in tact.

To spread out
As the eagle expands his wings
Releasing his weight into the wind
Hanging still on the air
Above rough mountains
To echo
Like wind
Through mountain canyons
Hum among tall trees
To radiate the stillness of a star's
too-distant motion
Then hang beneath the light
In waiting for another darkness
To mingle with the earth
And send deep roots within
All of this
Would still not be enough to set me free.

- Katherine E. Rabenau


Such flight must surely be magnificent
Must loose the soul to higher worlds
It is too beautiful to be merely practical
Look how he dances, glides and swoops
Within the endless depth of sky
So certain of his power
So easy on the wind
Look how the heavens carry him about
Above the rugged spires of a dying world.

- Katherine E. Rabenau

Some things I'm grateful for today:
  • birds
  • fans
  • the overturning of Prop 8
  • friends and family
  • my microwave oven

May Your Hopes and Dreams Take Flight
and May Your Day Be Rich in Beauty


Argent said...

Let's hope that hate is indeed on the wane. Sadly, it comes from a deep well. Your poems are very nicely drawn and somewhat bittersweet.

Carletta said...

Hate always seems to rear its ugly head but we can hope and dream that it rises less often and continue to be mindful that yes, thankfully, the bad doesn't always win.
What a gorgeous rainbow!