Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily Reminder # 88

Basically, I've got nothing tonight,'s a quick thought and a poem.  

Tonight's thought:   Sin sometimes has its uses... and of course "sin" is also in the eye of the beholder.

Here's my poem:

The snake said, "Please, just have a taste."
"If you don't eat it will go to waste"
And Eve, only wanting to be polite
Consented to have just one small bite
And Adam too, thought it couldn't hurt
To try such a very light dessert
It wasn't even an apple pie
That causes such fury in Heaven high
And sent that poor unhappy pair
Away from Eden in dark despair
But though they suffered and so do we
For eating the fruit of the apple tree
I can't entirely regret their act
Since it alone, in point of fact
Introduce the two to carnal sin
Which causes babies to begin
And one baby leading to another
Eventually arrived my mother
Who, I am glad, gave birth to me
So, let's hear it for the apple tree
And before we at Eve too smuggly jeer
Remember without her we wouldn't be here.

                - Katherine E. Rabenau

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • apples
  • sin
  • Adam and Eve
  • the ability to debate issues
  • food
  • cinnamon
  • temptation
  • cat toys & a happy Angel (and Tara Grace too)

May Your Day be Great
And May All Your Temptations Be Good for You!

1 comment:

Argent said...

That's a cracking poem, Raven! Made me smile on a dark, wet day. Summer is but a distant memory here now (even though it's still supposed to be here). Still, I'm grateful for:
Lizi's Granola
Being inside, out of the wet.