Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily Reminder # 89

Very tired tonight, so I'm going to take the lazy way out yet again and just post a poem and a few VERY old photos tonight.  

Many of us haven't had very idyllic childhoods. I have forgotten almost everything about my childhood except for some things I kind of wish I could forget. Still, I guess even troubled childhoods have their moments.  I have trouble nurturing my inner child, but looking at these pictures I kind of think maybe she deserves a little love.  Maybe I wasn't the carefree baby I look like in these photos - but maybe I'm not the distorted mess that memory has made of me either.  Food for thought, I guess...

Remembering childhood days in the park
I wish sometimes
To have those moments back
Of trust
And smiling eyes
And no conscience.

                         -  Katherine E. Rabenau

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Margaret who helps me 2x/month
  • sunshine
  • cool night air
  • my house
  • teeth
  • mouth wash
  • music
  • memories  (some of them)

And may your memories be sweet.


Argent said...

Oh for those carefree days, eh? I've lost my baby pics I think but from what I remember, I was a rather solemn, unprepossessing child. 'and no conscience' - Oh, not to need one!

Sorry I don't get to your reminders every day. Must try harder :-)

Felisol said...

What an extraordinary sweet and beautiful child you carry within you.
Please treat her well, she so deserves that.
I can see from your profile picture next to the first picture, you still have the same beauty. Not many are so like their own baby pictures. Moving and great.