Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daily Reminder # 651

I forgot all about the reminder yesterday. Did Wordzzles and sort of forgot that there was supposed to be a part two to the day. My apologies.

I had a reasonably nice day. It's still too chilly here, but the back door offered some bunnies and a chipmunk and even some birds. Nobody much wanted to pose, though, so while it was fun seeing them, my photos are kind of disappointing. My evening wound down with me eating a supper that is not digesting happily and has left me feeling tired and bloated and cranky. Therefore, I'm going to just share some photos and skip gratitude. Not that I'm not grateful, I just feel too yucky to type it all up. Just saying it out loud and in my head this evening. Was nice to see bunnies again. Usually they just sit and eat grass but they were leaping around - like rabbits - all afternoon. Was fun to watch. Less fun to photograph. Anyway, hope all of you have had a lovely day.


(I wish you a happy tummy.)

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