Monday, July 21, 2008

We Can Solve It

Well, I know there will be weeping and wailing in the blogosphere at this sad news (she said with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek), but I decided to take a week off from The Alphabet Backwards. ("The what????" you may be asking yourselves, since while it causes me great angst to write TAB each week, not too many readers torture themselves reading it.) Anyway, today is hot and muggy and I just don't feel like doing anything that requires thought on my part. "Fear not, though," she said, tongue returned to cheek, "the letter F will be written and posted next week."

For today, I thought I'd share this video clip of Al Gore's latest speech. It's about time somebody said this. I've been stomping my feet and muttering on the subject for what seems like forever. Whether you like Gore's style or not, this is just - it seems to me - common sense.


Dianne said...

Imagine if the election hadn't been stolen from him. Just imagine! We'd be years closer to a better earth, we'd still have thousands of young Americans alive, and I wouldn't be working 3 jobs to maybe pay my mortgage.

Ya know Raven, the closer it gets to Bush leaving the more disgusted and frustrated and angry and heartbroken I feel. He has just done so much damage. And of course within 6 months of Obama being President all Bush's filthy cronies will be asking why it's not all fixed.

and if the crazy old coot wins we might as well just give up.

and that is my rant for the evening

I now return your blog to you

and BTW - I always read the alphabet - want me to suggest a few 'F' words! ;)

Raven said...

Hi... I loved your rant and I agree. I have chosen my word for TAB - it is forgiveness. I just couldn't quite do it today. I started it but my brain wouldn't go, which is too bad because it fits with my poem for OSI. Such is life. I might try and do it tomorrow. I'll see. Glad you read it. You and Carletta are faithful and kind readers.

Amber Star said...

The video is no longer I guess whatever I saw on the news is pretty much what it was about.

Forgiveness...that should be interesting. I've not been around for the TAB yet.

I've been out a good bit of today (crown on my tooth came off Saturday night and I had to own up to my dentist about what happened)and haven't been around to see the blogs I like.

I had a thought for a post at least once today, but it is gone now. Maybe something will come tomorrow.

San said...

He's so smart and practical. What does our country have against smart and practical?