Monday, July 21, 2008

Project Black, Take 12: Gone Buggy... and Project Black Buzzes to a Close

(Please scroll down for One Single Impression.)

It's the twelfth and final (surprise!) day of Anna Carson's Project Black. This is not, maybe, what I would have posted had I know it was the last day, but everything happens as it is meant to so we say a tiny buzzy good-bye to black and wait with baited breath to see what color September brings to Anna's creative mind.

You may have to look close to find these. All the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

He's there... right in the middle...

ok... he's not really black but he does have a fair amount of black in his wardrobe...

I didn't really think this shot would work....

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Carletta said...

First of all I'm totally smiling at your title!
I love the bumble bee and whatever is on that screen.
That beetle has to go. ;) They are eating everything in sight here and we can't keep up with them!

Raven said...

It's funny, I had some other things to use and my little voice said this was going to be the end but I didn't listen. That's the first beetle I've seen here. I was glad because it was something different to photograph (shows how my values system works), but I don't think I'd like to see any more of them. I have some childhood memory about vinegar and something else getting rid of them but it's only a very vague memory unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots again Raven, particularly number 2, beautiful colour. the end of another colour project, thanks to you to for your visits! ;0)

Anonymous said...

You got some interesting shots, there... I think the last one is my favorite.

Dianne said...

he's just hanging out, upside down in his foliage paradise ;)

Jeanne Damoff said...

Fun little bugs! :) The second shot is my favorite.

Robert said...

I'm a little late getting here but can I say what you just said on mine??? Ewwww, cool shots! Ha ha. No more Project Black. It was fun. Now onto bigger and better things? Well, different anyway!

Anonymous said...

he's a terrific subject for project black, the second shot's quite nice

thanks for your visits, enjoy your day