Saturday, July 19, 2008

Project Black, Take 10: Looking Outside Potpourri

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It's day ten of Anna Carson's Project Black. Today, I offer an odd assortment of things and sights I see outside my house. Some of them may be stretching "black," but cheating is fun. I'm thinking that PB is probably close to an end, so I'm just tossing everything I can think of in. Sorry. (Watch I'll probably run out of things for the end now. That'll teach me.)

I love sillouhettes in general, but I especially love the 2nd one where this little robin kind of loses his elegant dignity.

The handle of my front screen as seen from the inside...

This thing began it's life with a glass jar inside and was a candle holder for large candles. It has a twin. Both lost their glass during different moves. They were briefly re-purposed as flower pot holders. Now they are just rusting things that sit outside amid the weeds that constitute my front yard. But they are black.

Ok... this is really stretching it, but I like shadows and I like the wood on my porch, so...

Another real stretch using shadow as "black," - this dark window in one of the broken-down sheds at the back of my back yard.

I like this broken down old black fence because it's broken down. Alas, when the rest of my big tree goes, the fence will probably go with it. I have nicer photos, but not with the cute bunny in them. She had two babies with her. I guarantee that they will show up for Wordless Wednesday very soon.

Pre sunset sky last night. My tribute to skywatch, which I skipped in favor of Project Black this week.

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Laura said...

The gate pics reminds me of Peter Rabbit! And that candle/pot holder is really cool too!!!

Carletta said...

That bird is cute - in dignity and otherwise.
My favorites are the gate and believe or not - the window on the shed - that appeals to me for some unknown reason. I even questioned myself and looked at it over and over. I LIKE it!

brittaffeldt said...

I like the broken down shed picture!

Robert said...

That first one of the bird is my favorite. It is perfectly composed and I love that it's a silhouette. I think it's great you posted a whole bunch. I did that for one of the other colored projects at the end and then Anna decided to extend it a few days. Grrrrr. :)

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Hi Raven,

I'm just now getting caught up on your Project Black. So many wonderful shots; sorry I didn't have time to come by each one as they were posted so I could leave more specific comments.

Suffice it to say that I enjoyed your choices. (And the shadow is definitely a black shot!)

Dianne said...

I love the clumsy fellow! What a sweet, sweet shot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Raven, for your very kind comments on my blog. I appreciate your encouragement. I hope that Anna goes to a separate linky for each number next time. I'm really stymied as to how to make the present system work for a person like me who posts sometimes several things a day not just project black stuff. But I'm here to see your latest black. The silhouettes are fabulous. I think one of my favorites is the broken fence. My eye also loves the two photos above the broken fence one.
Have a fabulous Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Terrific series of shots! I'm a fan of silhouettes, too, you've noticed :-)

Amber Star said...

This post was phenomenal and who says shadows don't count as black. I have a picture I was going to use that has a "black hole" shadow in it.

Love the gate/fence and look forward to the bunny pics.

Maybe, I should do a broadside of black pics, too. Like you, I'm thinking this may be over soon.

Dorothy said...

I like the first one of the bird best but I do like them all!

Thanks for the kind words about my poem as well as the shot of the cemetery fence.

Quiet Paths said...

I really enjoyed your wide variety of images! For some reason the handle of the screen door spoke to me most, but the blackbirds lifting his/her foot was awesome! Great eye.

photowannabe said...

The robin lost its dignity...funny Raven. Great shots for Project Black.
I agree that the project must be coming to an end. i still have 1 or 2 more to go but we'll see if the mood strikes.

Anonymous said...

Neat pics as always.

Willow said...

That funky little robin picture is hilarious. You caught him picking his nose!

Anonymous said...

I like the black thing with the curves metals

thanks for your visits

btw - you url's too long for my blog host - I thought the url was wrong at first but it's just missing a letter

Leora said...

The dark window one: that's my favorite. Love the composition, the green leaves, the greys. Works well for me for a Project Black subject.

tommie said...

love love love the first bird....but the second one is cute too!

Thanks for visiting my blog.