Monday, March 10, 2008

One Single Impression: Kindness

Haiku is not my natural impulse, but I thought I'd try to write a few as part of the One Single Impression's weekly prompt. I'm fairly new (2nd week) to OSI. I don't think they hold participants too strictly to the haiku (5-7-5) form, but I decided to try that anyway. I'm not too happy with the results, but I'm posting them anyway. My inner perfectionist be damned. Still, I feel a need to explain them, which is always a sign that I don't think they quite speak for themselves.... sorry.

The first two are dedicated to two of my neighbors. I am profoundly agoraphobic and I have difficulty walking, so I pretty much haven't set foot out of my house for the past two years. As a consequence, I don't know my neighbors very well, though they are quite kind and sort of look after me. One neighbor in particular is also disabled. He is often in a wheelchair but is able to drive and get around. I spend most of my day sitting here at my computer and he and his wife wave as they come and go. It means a great deal to me. It makes me real. (Ok... I wrote the second not 5-7-5) based on that sentence and I like it better than the rest.... guess I'm just not a true haiku-er....

stranger and yet friend
you temper my solitude
and wave as you pass

acknowledging me here
you make me real
with your simple act of kindness

No explanation for this one... just what it is....

her kind word and smile
paused him in his quest for death
and she never knew

This last haiku is dedicated to my friend Dianne who wrote an exquisite post this morning on the subject of "everyday kindness." I hope you'll take the time to read it.

she did not strike back
the bravest kindness of all
to meet cruelty with grace

ok... one more... inspired by the kitty in my arms.... this is kind of addictive.

kitty in my arms
rumbling Angel hugs most pure
a treasured kindness

This is making me very anxious for some reason. Most of the poetry I've posted here at Raven's Nest is old and I have made friends with it over the course of time. These are hot off my fingers. I am awash in angst. I know you will (heck, it's the theme of the day), but please be kind.


Dianne said...

"awash in angst" !!!!!

even when worrying about being poetic, you manage to BE poetic.

we all must learn to see ourselves as kindly as others do.

and thank you from the bottom of my muddled, crazy, adult/teen heart for my own personal haiku.

I printed it and it will go in a tiny frame on my desk. It will make me feel better and stronger countless times over.

SandyCarlson said...

These make a lovely offering. Thanks for participating in One Single Impression. I sense a theme here of the kindness we don't even realize we show just by being ourselves.

God bless.
Writing in Faith: Poems

STP said...

I agree. A truly touching series of pieces here. Very hopeful, even in the sadness that touches some of them.

Quiet Paths said...

These are all the more special after reading your intro' regarding the anxiety of sharing your poems. Well, to be truthful without the intro the first one drew me in right away, and I bonded immediately with the one with grace. Thank you.

Tumblewords: said...

Contemporary haiku is not necessarily a 5-7-5 format. I think that's a good thing! Anyway, these are all lovely, I'd have a hard time of choosing a fave but they are all full of honesty, kindness and impact!

qualcosa di bello said...

they are all lovely...but that third one really shows that we never know just how powerful the little things are that we do.

Unknown said...

She worries for naught
Her haikus are just divine
Keep writing my friend!

Linda Murphy said...

You have a real gift and as much as I know how difficult it is to put ourselves out in poetry or writing-the gentle affirmation is always so wonderful.

You should stop by my friend Julie's blog. She always writes haiku to match her photographs and she is marvelous at both, in my opinion. She is on my blog link as A Work in Progress. (cannot recall the actual site address-sorry!)

Keep on writing!!! And posting!

Raven said...

dianne - I'm honored that you printed my little haiku out. Way cool.

sandycarlson, stp, quiet paths, qualcosa di bella - thank you for your kind words

tumblewords - I kind of think it's a good thing too - especially since the 5-7-5 is based on Chinese calligraphy or something isn't it? Seems like trying to turn oranges into apples or some such thing to carry it over into English

kim - clever girl... a haiku

snoopmurph - thanks as always for your encouragement. If it weren't for you, I would probably not have started the blog up again. I'll check out Julie's blog.

Thanks to everyone for reading and taking the time to post your kind and encouraging words.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like that you wrote about those acts of kindness that we don't even think about most times. It made me realize how powerful they can be.

Rachel Green said...

These are lovely pieces.

little wing writer said...

raven...your post is like a beautiful bouquet of rich colors spreading wings of kindness... thank you..blessings upon blessings...

Raven said...

lisaatgreenbow - thank you... I think so often we think we have to do big dramatic things to change the world when all we have to do is some simple thing like give a smile or a hug. I enjoyed visiting your websites.

leatherdykeuk, - thank you - I visited your sites... so much creativity.... I loved the babel piece especially

littlewing - what a lovely compliment... I enjoyed your web page... it felt like visiting a wonderful peaceful museum with high ceilings where I could sit on the bench and just comtemplate what was before me.

gautami tripathy said...

These are simply beautiful. They speak out about your state of mind.

WE do not realise that a smile can go a long way. Thanks for shoing that.

Can it get any worse than this?

Raven said...

hi gautami tripani - thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed your lovely haiku and your post

maryt/theteach said...

Raven, some beautiful words about kindness! Thank you for visiting me! Sorry it took time for me to get back to you. It won't happen again... :)

Raven said...

hi teach... thanks for your visit and your kind words. It's actually kind of nice to be surprised by a new post a few days after the fact. It took forever to get today's post up and I have been feeling un-responded to and sorry for myself. This was just the act of kindness that I needed.

spacedlaw said...

These are very nice. I particualrly like the two you wrote about your neighbours.

storyteller said...

no explanation
was needed to see kindness
experienced in these

lovely and heartfelt
pieces shared … illustrating
your poetic heart

Hugs and blessings,

Raven said...

storyteller, spacedlaw - I almost missed your kind -speaking of kindness - words. "Poetic heart".... what a nice way to start my day. Thank you both.