Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heads or Tails Tuesday: Anything Green

Ok. I'm up for my second adventure with Skittle's Heads or Tails Tuesday. Today's topic. Anything green. Hmmm.

Green is one of my favorite colors. Of course at any given moment almost every color is one of my favorites, but I am quite partial to most shades of green. When I've had carpet (that I bought for myself), it has always been green. One of the first things I did for my little house was to turn it green - I brooded, pondered, mused, and pored over the colors at Sherwin-Williams' cool color Visualizer thingy. They seem to have discontinued my beautiful color. It's a very soft, sage color. I didn't realize what a difference it would make. It turned my sad little house - the midget on the street - from looking to me like sort of like a shack - to looking sweet and revived. It made her mine too, in some way. The very kind young couple who painted it for me tried to get me to compromise about the color since they wanted to use a different kind of paint. For some reason it felt SO important to me to hold true to this color that I held true to myself for a change. Turned out their paint brand was a Sherwin-Williams affiliate and all I had to do was get the formula. Their conviction that it was impossible turned out to be mistaken. With her new green face, I think I really fell in love with my little house and truly felt for the first time that she was mine.

Other green things. I have quite a lot of rocks. I love rocks. Here's an interesting green one. I used to know what it was, but I have forgotten and I'm too lazy to look it up. It's pretty, though, isn't it?

Green art work. Here are a pair of water colors my mother got years and years ago. They aren't literally green, I guess, but they feel green and soft and cool on the eye to me. I'm not sure how to spell the artist's name. Aral Raj is what I have in my head. I know the Raj part is right.

Even though I'm very fond of green. I do have my limits. I have never understood the idea of drinking green beer on Saint Patrick's day. Yuck.

Oh... I knew there was a really important aspect of green that I forgot. Trees in summer, of course, but right now, in winter, I am particularly fond of the green that comes through as snow melts. It gives me hope that Spring is on the way.


Julie said...

What a great face lift your house got with that color! It looks marvelous! :)

I wish I could see some green peaking through the snow...but not yet, I'm afraid! :( Soon...maybe!

Barb said...

I had to smile at you saying "at any given moment almost every color is one of my favorites" because it reminded me of when I was little and picked orange to be my favorite color for a while. I felt sorry for it because everyone else chose blue or green. LOL!

Your house is beautiful!

I've often thought about starting a collection of some kind. I bet collecting rocks is interesting.

Misty DawnS said...

My grandma's favorite color was green, because it represented the living things in nature to her.

Linda Murphy said...

My husband is a big fan of the color green. I would say 95% of his shirts are green and he gravitates to it for painting, furniture, etc. I am almost a little weary of it at times, but I find that it brings a lot of harmony too.

Rocks are fun-I bet my sons would enjoy that hobby! We painted some rocks last summer-probably about time to have more fun with them.

Tumblewords: said...

Beautiful greens! Fascinating...

Dianne said...

Your house is lovely Raven.

and the watercolors are beautiful.

Raven said...

jvdhj - thanks. The picture doesn't tell whole story. The change something as simple as painting it made still astonishes me when I think about it.

skittles - LOL... the words of a true empath... pity poor Orange... I love rocks. Back when I lived in NYC and still left the "house," my therapy was two doors down from a rock store which had a huge back room full of beautiful and really cheap stones. It was one of my happy, safe places to go.

misty dawn - I don't know what it is about green... I really do love all the colors... I hate it when people ask me to choose because the right orange is mangificent and purple is and bright or sky blue and a good pale yellow... and the right red... I'm not much for pink, but fushia... I guess I just love color.

snoopmurph... I have a lot of green ... curtains, covers... If I were handier, I'd probably change things out from time to time just to wake my eyes and spirit up. When I was in AZ, I went (long story) to a place called Snowflake and while we were there we painted rocks. Cindy has one (or did). If I remember, I'll send you a picture of the one I kept.

tumblewords - thanks... (whew... I seem to be running at the fingers tonight... could have been a short response but I had to explain that it was so not it isn't)

dianne - aren't those watercolors wonderful. The photos lose a bit of the richness of the color. They have been in my life for over 40 years, probably closer to 50. Thanks about my house. She is a sweet little house. Just my size and I feel very blessed to have found her.

Unknown said...

Oh wat a beautiful post!

The stone is awesome.

My "green" is up too ::here::

Enjoy your day!

Baba said...

Hi Raven, thanks for your visit to my place today..The green color on your house looks warm and cozy...I love the art work from your mother..they are a treasure.... hugs, Baba

Raven said...

laane - thanks for your visit. It really is a very cool stone. I have some great amethysts if we ever do "purple."

baba - thanks for dropping by. The paintings are more vibrant than my photos make them look... I really love them.