Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily Reminder # 56

Today was a beautiful day. A bit of a break from the horrible high heat and humidity that has been making life miserable. I don't have much thought going on in my head that's my own, though, so I think I'll just share some quotes from others.

my door is SOOO dirty that this picture is awful,
but I just think he's so cute...

The first is this small item from
Emmanuel's book

At any moment the heart can open
At any moment the karmic structure
can be completely overcome
by the willingness of the soul

Also from Emmanuel's Book....

You will know
your next step
from this step.

You will never find it
any other way.
Your intellect
does not know it.
You cannot think
God's reality
You can only
Experience it.

And finally from Emmanuel's Book (some of them passages, like this one, are responses to questions).

How do I open my heart so I can hear God?

By relaxing all of the devices
that you have used through the centuries
to keep it closed.
The natural state of the heart is open.

Note how you struggle
against what you are seeking.
It will heop you to answer
these questions.
How do I find my way?
How do I open my heart/
How do I touch the God within?
How do I hear the spirits that are with me?
How do I learn to love?
How do I grow to become who I am?
By ceasing to be who you are not.

There is not a heart that exists
in your human world
that, if it were assured of safety,
would not open instantly.
It is all an issue of fear.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Tara Grace and Angel
  • cooler weather (slightly)
  • popcorn
  • Emmanuel's Book
  • indoor plumbing
  • my teeth
  • mail



Argent said...

The comment about fear is sooo true. What we could do if only we were not afraid? Fear besets us all the time. The philosopher Jean Jaques Rousseau said that all man's troubles really began when he began to "live in the opinion of others" i.e. care about what other people thought of us. It's true I think: when we worry obout others' opinions, we change ourself to match what we think are their expectations and thereby make ourselves miserable.

I'm grateful for it being Friday!!!!

Raven said...

Love that quote, Argent. My first therapist "to compare is to die." Took me a long time to grasp that.