Friday, July 09, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge: Week 117

It's week 117 of the Weekly Wordzzle Challenge. Many thanks again to Argent for giving me a break and adding some fresh words for this week's challenge. Word volunteers are always welcome. Our heat wave here continues. Not just hot. Humid. Ugh. Hope you are all staying cool. (Or warm if are on the other side of the globe.)

Words for this week's 10-word challenge are: smoothly, spiders, floor boards, eggs, carpet, moonshine, leaping, CD, purring, jewel And for the mini: spotlight, canvas, kitty, money-box, eye-drops

My mega:

When he had inherited his Uncle Tommy's old cottage in the woods, Johnny Canvas had done no leaping for joy. He had even experienced something rare for him. He had cried. Eye drops, he called his tears... "Not crying," he would mutter, "eye drops." He had loved his eccentric, anti-social uncle, who had, surprisingly, loved him back, despite the fact, that unlike his uncle, he had a great affection for the spotlight. No two people could have been more different. But that was then. Now, 6 years later, he sat humming happily to his favorite CD while he watched his jewel of a still purring smoothly along as it produced some of the finest moonshine in the country. Over time, he had made the place home. He had cleared away the cobwebs and spiders his uncle had shared the place with, gotten a kitty (Hortense) to keep the mice away, fixed up the hen house - his happy chickens produced massive numbers of eggs - enough to make a nice cover for the moonshine business - and planted a garden which grew a fine assortment of vegetables. He had put down some indoor/outdoor carpet (the tile kind so he would have easy access to the money box he kept hidden under the floor boards) . It was a good life. Business was good, so he was never lonely. All he needed to make it complete, was a woman... and he was working on that. Maybelle Jones was beautiful, smart and seemed fond of him. Life was, perhaps, almost as perfect as his moonshine.

My mini:

Kitty Maloney recounted the cash in her money box before transferring it into the canvas money bag that she used to deposit the week's "take" into the bank's night deposit box. She felt euphoric. Spotlight Cosmetics, her six-month-old company, had turned a profit for the first time. Apparently her husband's eye drop formula was as good as he told her it was. The stuff was flying off the shelves. They couldn't keep up with demand. Life was good.

The 10-word:

Jewel Johnson glided smoothly across the floor boards, twirling, spinning, leaping in joyous resonance with the CD she was listening to. There was a full moon high in the sky and the room was filled with what she liked to think of as "moonshine." Her cat Spider sat watching and purring. He loved it when she rolled back the carpet and danced. Sometimes, when she hadn't danced for a while you had to walk on eggs around her, she was that grouchy. When she danced on the full moon, that was the best because the healing seemed to last longer. In any case, when Jewel was happy, Spider was happy. Life was good.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: shark, Scotland, gravity, final hours, aggravation, heat wave, sweet tooth, killer, tragic, flowers

And for the mini: shade tree, price, disappointment, power, camera

Thank you for playing! Newcomers can check here for some guidelines (and they are only guidelines, not rules) to make the process more fun.
Enjoy! See you next week!

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The Bug said...

I love these stories! I like the continuity of the "life is good" feeling. AND I like how you used the words in unexpected ways.

I'm waiting until Monday to post mine - I'll come back here to link it. I have two other things to post that need to go first.

Unknown said...

Hey Raven, loved the Moonshine yarn. Loved the "drawl" tempo of the piece. But my favourite has to be the 10 word. You have captured something of the spirit or soul of a dancer. :)

Argent said...

You Mega paints such a satisfying picture! I could really 'see' the whole thing. You're really adept at the mini challeges, constructing such a neat self-contained piece each time. But I REALLY liked the picture of the woman dancing and her cat watching over her. That was nice! I'm up at last.

The Bug said...

I'm finally up - a little late to the party :)