Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daily Reminder # 56

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I think I'll go with Emmanuel again today. I love Emmanuel. He changed my life.... First quote for the day is a response to the question: "Is working for material things a hindrance to our spiritual purpose."

Not if you see material things
As materialized consciousness.
When one is in the material world
one must have food and clothing.
And one desires a home that is beautiful,
comfortable, a place to be.

These are the accoutrements of self-love.
When self-love is truly acknowledged
you will not deny yourself any of these things.
Self-love will open your hands
to receive as well as to give.
And certainly it is not taking something away
from someone else.
Your universe is boundless.
There is more than enough
of everything for everyone.

How does one take in the bounty that there is?
What does one do to deserve opulence?
You think this is not a difficulty?
Wait and see.

Until such time when you have mastered
the art of receiving,
you must supply yourself
with the material necessities.

If you can release your guilt about money
and accept it as part of the divine universe
and the physical reality of your earth,
you will see that it has no more or less power
than you give it.
It is a necessity.
You all hold the sense of money too tightly.

When I got to the end of this one, I realized that it's a repeat, but I really like it, so I think I'm going to use share it again anyway.

Look to understand your negative feelings
as a loving mother would understand
a confused and frightened child.

When the denial of God within you
is being challenged
it is a most propitious time in your life.
Do not deny the part of you that is in darkness
or it will manifest again.

When you become aware of misjudgement
of ill-timed, ill-conceived thought and action,
when you recognize your desire for vengeance,
your anger or unforgivingess,
that is the time for self-congratulation.
Your new insight now allows you to handle these things
in a more conscious way.
It is an opportunity.
A door has opened.
A light has been turned on.

The question for this one was: What happens to a soul like Hitler or Stalin? (I thought the answer was rather timely, given what's going on here in the US and around the world, really.)

When you say "a soul like Hitler or Stalin,"
I say to you
that you do not know their soul.
You may speak of a man like Hitler or Stalin
but you cannot speak of their total Divine Being.
There is a need in human consciousness
for retribution, for justice.
There are many things
that the human mind cannot understand.
You cannot will yourself
to forgive and love someone
who has seemingly caused such suffering.
From your viewpoint it is unforgivable.

There is a great deal of growth, certainly,
that needs to take place in souls,
not only those two, but anyone who is cruel,
who abuses, who kills, who is selfish,
who is ambitious, who is unfeeling.
It is a matter if degree.
Within each one of you there is a small portion,
some smaller than others,
where there is hate, where there is racism,
where there is a voice that says,
"I am different than you and I am better."
Wherever you can hear that voice,
you are speaking to what you have perceived
in the outer world as Hitler.

Remember, this is a schoolroom
and remember some of the lessions
need to be written across the heavens
in order for them to be heard
and understood.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • A lovely, cool, gray day
  • cheese
  • TV
  • music
  • Emmanuel
  • my back yard


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