Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Reminder # 147

Just gratitude again today.  It was a quiet day here. Both kitties are sleeping as I type this and they have been very well behaved all day long. Ahhh.. Peace.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • sleeping kitties
  • running water
  • a nice warm shower
  • cheese
  • clean drinking water
  • my nice warm fuzzy robe
  • cucumbers
  • yogurt & Cool Whip (really good combo... not nutritious, but tasty)
  • my rock collection
  • electricity
  • netflix
  • computer games
  • Beauty
  • ears to hear
  • eyes to see
  • music
  • light and shadow
  • reiki
  • life
  • change

Have a Great Day!

1 comment:

Argent said...

I love that you're grateful for cheese. I must say, I love it too. My two kitties have been good today too - only jumping on my keyboard a bit while I'm working. They like working at home days and will curl up nearby so they can spot if I'm goofing off (I was, a bit). I'll be ok, so long as they don't tell my boss.