Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 131

It's week 131 of the Weekly (formerly known as "Saturday") Wordzzle Challenge.  I had  a tough time with these this week.  And I can't seem to fix whatever the crazy space issue is with blogger. I suspect it's some kind of conflict between Google Chrome and Blogger, but I don't have the patience to try and fix it right now, so I just apologize for all the odd spaces and other visual peculiarities. Looking forward to seeing how others have managed these words.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: 

chilled to the bone, market, back to work, floating, lynx, glutted, shelter, garage sale, honey, marginal   

And for the mini: ink, cool whip, every cloud has a silver lining, static, platform  

My mega: 


Every cloud has a silver lining,

Honey Lynx whispered to herself, feeling a bit like she was floating on air. Honey was one of those marginal people for whom the local shelters no longer had enough room. This morning, shivering and chilled to the bone, she had found some change and had gotten onto a bus in hopes of getting out of the cold for at least a short time. She had fallen asleep and the driver had kicked her off deep in the suburbs. Panic had swept over her, but it had turned out to be one of those Angel-guided mishaps and  for the first time in weeks, she had a full stomach and something warm to wear. A block from where the driver had dumped her from his bus, she had come across a garage sale. It was run by one of the kindest women Honey had ever met. Margareta Martinson had taken one look at Honey and had handed her a coat, two or three sweaters, and had then taken her into the kitchen and fed her a hot meal, including pumpkin pie with Cool Whip whipped cream, Honey's favorite. More than that, she had sat a time with her and talked to her like she was a real person. It had been a while since anyone had done that. It had felt good to talk and even laugh. Then, best of all, in a static job market glutted with people looking for jobs, the real miracle had happened.  Honey was going back to work. Margaret, it turned out, ran a company called Platform Ink. It was some kind of graphics company and she said she needed someone to work the counters. She had a small guest cabin on her property where Honey could stay until she was on her feet. It was a miracle. No question about that. She smiled and felt a warmth deeper than any sweater could provide. A warmth in her heart.

My 10-word:

This month, Dan Silverton had decided that instead of a garage sale, he would try his luck at the local Floating Lynx Flea and Farmer's Market.  When he arrived, he had found the place glutted with small merchants selling a wide range of materials. He had arrived unfortunately late and so was located in a fairly marginal area of the grounds. The place seemed to be glutted with more sellers than buyers, so three hours into the morning, chilled to the bone, having seen only 5 customers and selling 2 jars of honey and an old baseball glove, he decided to look for a place more sheltered from the elements to warm up with a cup of coffee or cocoa for a bit before going back to work at his stand.  Arriving at the coffee stand, he looked into the eyes of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Customers or not, he knew he would be returning next week... and early enough to set his stand right next door to the woman he had recognized on sight as the girl of his dreams. 

My mini: 

Standing on the wind-swept railroad platform, listening to the unintelligible static-filled voice emanating from the loud speaker, Susie Johnson looked at the inky black storm clouds gathering overhead.  While she was a fan of the fluffy Cool-whip type clouds that often punctuated autumn days in the north east, these did not look like the "every cloud has a silver lining" vintage. She was raised from this cloud reverie by a break in the static and the loud words. " Please leave the platform quickly and take shelter inside. We have a tornado warning in effect."  Being an optimist, Susie thought to herself as she hustled into the station house - maybe there is a silver lining after all... sounds like I may get a day off from work.... assuming I don't get blown off to Oz, of course.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: cranes, bananas, red-headed woman, hunger, parachute, scratch, sanity, microphone, long-distance, you've got mail

And for the mini: popular, pregnant, turtle, basket, present

Thank you for playing! Newcomers can check here for some guidelines (and they are only guidelines, not rules) to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!


MommyWizdom said...

I liked your mega, "She smiled and felt a warmth deeper than any sweater could provide. A warmth in her heart." That was fabulous!!

These words were tough, Raven. My brain is still hurting, lol! My story is true, I lose the entire week before I know what hit me... Friday just came and went. I hope you don't mind a Saturday morning play. :-)

Thanks for your dedication to this meme! I enjoy it very much!!


The Bug said...

Love the first one - it's a great tale of something GOOD happening to someone for a change.

I'm not sure if the words were hard or if my brain was fried, but in any case, I'm done!

Argent said...

Mine will be up tonight - been a very busy weekend and these words are quite tough too.

Argent said...

OK, didn't get to post until today, but I'm in! I thought you did a great job with the words this week - especially Lynx.