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Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 198

We are up to installment 38th of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday, the story that keeps on going and going and going.

Running late. Where did my day go? I will post mine exercises tomorrow... very tired today in body an mind, but Mr. Linky and the new words are available just in case anybody besides me joins in.

3:20 pm Saturday afternoon. Not feeling at all well today. I will try to post something later but for the moment I am going to bed to see if I can sleep off whatever is wrong with me.  I was feeling so miserable when I typed those first sentences 4 hours ago that I forgot to hit update. I slept (sort of) for 3 and a half hours and am feeling a bit better, but I may wait until tomorrow to do my thing.

2:40 pm Sunday:  Finished at last. I am struggling with these "chapters."  I keep thinking the end is near, but maybe it really is now... 

Words for this week's 10-word challengerefused, salad, crackers, fancy stuff, tail, struggle, pierce, ballad, apples, dirt   And for the mini: I can't wait, uncomfortable, clouds, fears, ginger

My mega:

In response to the old Wizard's question, the three inside the cave heard in their heads her respond by singing a popular old ballad:. "Salad, crackers, fancy stuff, apples covered up with dirt.... Fills the senses, clouds the mind, so you leave your fears behind and start to feel like 'I can't wait.' This reckless urge must be refused." After a brief pause, she continued, "The painter has begun to struggle with the desperate, uncomfortable urge to plunge forward. I've cast a spell to weigh him down. Consensus among the dragons is that ginger and some cat tail tea should be an effective remedy to pierce the veil the spell has cast. I've drunk a cup or two myself and will enter now with some for each of you. I believe dragon's breath is needed to defuse the traps. Our sense is that this is only the first of many such traps and that the painter in particular is most vulnerable to their effect. 

My mini:  

With those words Paraphrase arrived in their midst with ginger cat tail tea for each of them. They felt an almost immediate sense of relief with the first sip. The Paragon whispered. "I didn't even realize how uncomfortable I was feeling until your tea lifted the cloud of confusion from my mind. It's like my fears and my reason were there but I was losing touch with them. The feeling of 'I can't wait' is still there, but from a saner place. I can't wait for this whole nightmare to be over. Painter Perfidy, are you feeling better? I've had an idea that might make us safer as we proceed. It seems that Quake's spells rely on scent. Do you think it would it endanger or protect us if we blocked our sense of smell somehow?"  "Paragon," the dragon said to him we obvious approval. "I've said it before, but I'll repeat it now. You were well and truly chosen." 

And the 10-word: 

After some discussion, they decided that  - with the exception of the dragon, who was less vulnerable to aromatic spells and could therefore serve as a safety valve - they would put a physical block on their noses. In addition the wizard came up with a new enchantment to transmute aromas. "Pretty fancy stuff, magic-wise," the dragon said approvingly.  "I wish you could block my stomach too," the Paragon muttered. "it has latched on to the though of salad, crackers and has added a bit of cheese to the mix. I wonder if it would be safe to magic up an apple or two? Better to wait, I suppose. We will surely feast when Lady Purist is rescued."  For his part, the painter - who was feeling much restored chimed in happily, "They will write ballads about all this one day, about how we refused to give up the struggle to rescue Lady Purist and how you pierced through the most powerful dark magic with ginger and cat tails, dragon breath, and nose plugs... that dirt looks wrong," he added, almost as an after thought. "I don't believe I painted it that way... in fact, I think there was an opening there... Do you think, maybe we have found her?"


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  universe, spotlight, sport, respect, level, larger, elsewhere, Utopia, children, silhouette

And for the mini: lines, brooks, celebrate, positive, analysis, shields

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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