Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 201

We are up to installment 41 of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday, the story that I can't seem to finish off. Must admit I have kind of enjoyed doing a serial story, though I hope I can bring it to a happy conclusion soon. Will probably post Mr. Linky and the new words and do my exercises tomorrow. Seems to be becoming a habit.

5:45 Saturday: Well, this was not an easy task today. Imitating the walk? closet/ Armadillo? Who comes up with these words? Oops... I do. I really need to start cheating. But in any case, another week is behind me. Whew.

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Words for this week's 10 word challenge were: closet, time, function, provide, prophets, reporting,  necessary, changes, self-sacrificing, stimulate   And for the mini: awesome, home made, imitating the walk, armadillo, startling

My mega:   

With the necessary changes in personnel made, it was time to dispatch the trolls and hope that nothing went wrong. "Ready Paraphrase? Ready all?" the wizard asked, and with everyone reporting back in the affirmative, he nodded to the eldest of the dragons and they began to recite in unison the words of the Bully Blaster spell: "By the prophets ancient unction, we wake the Bully Buster's function.  Startling in it's awesome power, fire to heal but not devour, Self-sacrificing dragons' breath, invoking exile but not death, to the home made for them in days of yore, we return these trolls to where they were before, this vortex of fire we provide to convey you to the other side. Imitating the walk of troll-kind past, from ours to your own world be forever cast."  As the wizard and Paraphrase spoke these words, the younger dragons combined their fiery breath into a vortex flames towards each of the shadow trolls in turn until they were all gone. "Well and bravely done my friends, " the wizard said when the last of the trolls was gone. "If you can hold on for that long, I would like you to maintain the vortex while we unlock the chamber in which we believe Lady Purist has been closeted all these years. I would not put it past our enemies to have put one last troll or two in there as well." Paraphrase  nodded. "A wise plan, though I think perhaps we might be wise to call in a few more dragons so that they can spell one another. Hard to know how long it will take to get to Lady Purist. I suggest Gregor, Agrivold and his brother Armadillo. Their hearts and their fire are both strong." "So be it," the wizard replied. 

My mini: 

No sooner were the words out of his mouth, than with startling speed, the three new dragons appeared. Gregor, a medium sized dragon whose scales were an amazing turquoise blue, wore a large home made looking medallion. Noticing the wizard's eye fall on it, he blushed (as much as a dragon can blush) and said. "My youngest made it to protect me. 'It's got my love in it,' she said. Makes a father's heart almost burst with pride," he added. "As well it should, the wizard smiled. "I was there when she gave it to him." Agrivold, the smallest of the three newcomers chimed in. "Up she dashed to us, cute as can be," he said imitating the walk of the young dragon as well as his size would allow and making everyone laugh with his efforts. The last of the three chimed in. "Your daughter has greatness in her, I think."   At those words, Gregor blushed yet again and said. "To hear such words from Armadillo the Awesome, is an honor indeed and I think you for your words."  Armadillo laughed and responded, "I am awesome only because fate gave me great size. What she has is a heart and mind big enough to enfold the world. She does dragondom proud.... but I suppose we must wait to praise her after we have completed our task here," he replied, turning his attention to Paraphrase and the wizard. "An honor to have been called. How may we serve?"

And the 10-word:  

"By the prophets," Armadillo exclaimed after the others had finished reporting on events thus far. "There's no time to waste, then, is there? I am profoundly honored to function as part of such a noble and self-sacrificing collection of heroes and heroines who are stimulating such positive changes in our kingdom.  I will be glad to provide any service you deem necessary.  I have always had a deep desire to do something - more than grow bigger - to merit being called "awesome."  Did you know that in my youth, I lived among Lady Purist's people? They were closet "Dragon Friends" even when it was not politically popular and their children through generations untold were anointed with dragon blood at birth. I believe that Agrivold and I may be able to reach the Lady telepathically and perhaps discover her situation more clearly before we proceed. If she is well enough, perhaps she can help facilitate her own escape." "If you weren't so big, I'd hug you," the wizard exclaimed with delight. "Did you know about this, Paraphrase? I feel renewed hope and energy.". 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  cactus, treading water, bear, sluggish, advantage, fairness, diversion, rocking chair, threat, fix

And for the mini: lost, chartreuse, robust, sustained, believe

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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