Thursday, August 09, 2012

Daily Reminder # 715

An abbreviated reminder tonight and a request for prayers for a number of people. It has been a strange and kind of exhausting day for a number of reasons, though it did have a few bright, exciting moments too. I'll save the bright spots for last. I wish I could document them with photos but no such luck. On the painful side, my friend E has lost two of her kitties (Chewbacka and Charlize) in the past week, both unexpectedly. She is looking for a new home for herself and a number of rescued animals and because of the animals having a difficult time finding one. I hope you will hold her in your prayers.  Then, late this afternoon, I received an email from a woman in Maine whose kitty Itsabella was my first ever animal reiki client. Itsie is a wonderful cat - sweet and resilient who has struggled and beaten chronic illnesses for at least 15 years. Kathy and her husband Russ do a lot of animal rescue and also help people with their dogs.  This afternoon a  dog new to their care attacked and killed Itsie on their porch. They are devastated. They had also lost another kitty (Harley) a week or so back and their remaining cat - Hettie was already grieving. Itsie was very special to me. I have reiki-ed her on and off for at least 13 years, probably longer. I've done reiki for many animals, but Itsabella held a special place in my heart. That she died so violently is especially sad. Please pray/send good thoughts for all of them if the spirit moves you. Me too. I'm tired. (I'm also fine, just sad and a bit sleep deprived.)

The happier things that happened - I saw a mother bear and her three cubs. They were across the street. My camera, alas, was in another room. When I went back to see if I could see where the bears went, there was a skunk on the back porch. Tried to get a photo but it was too dark and it had it's back to me.  This was the best of 3 tries to get a picture. Not very good, alas.  The bears were awesome.

May You Be Wrapped
in the Arms of Angels

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