Monday, May 19, 2008

The Alphabet Backwards: O is for Oooooooo, No!


Oh, no!
O is the letter for Alphabet Backwards day
Oh, my! and
Only wish I had something to say
Old age was one topic
Only I didn’t want to write about it
Organization another only I’m not
Oh, my
Ostriches, orioles, opossums seemed silly
Omelets made me hungry
Obligated (by my own strange set of rules) to write something
Opting for this silly “poem”
Over-the-top with “Os”
OZ, I could have done OZ, I guess
Or omnipresent or omega or obtuse
Obtuse is how I feel
Out of my mind, I am with ideas
Oddly, but no wish to order my thoughts
Or try to wax profound
Of course, it might be better to do nothing
Oh dear, oh dear
Out of the blue
Over the hill
Off the beaten path
Out of reach
Onward and upward
O is everywhere
Only I have nothing to say
Over and Out
On to the letter “n” next week.

-Katherine E. Rabenau

Just an editorial note: All the O's should be the same size. They are in draft, they just don't show up that way. Very frustrating.


tt said...

You're so clever Raven. You made me giggle ..

Dianne said...

Oh how Omnipotent you are!

Raven said...

Hi tt - glad I made you giggle.

Dianne - wish I had thought of that one!

Jeni said...

COOL! Just plain, good old, really, really cool way to do the letter "O."

Unknown said...

Onward Ho! (of course you know the proper use of that second word--thanks Don Imus for ruining popular culture!). :)

GO RAVEN!!!!!!:)

storyteller said...

Reading your Ode to the Letter O brings to mind James Thurber’s book, THE WONDERFUL O, and I wonder whether you’ve read it. This was very clever, nifty & fun … thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,