Friday, May 23, 2008

The Last Time You... - a Meme

Promised Akelamalu that I'd do this meme, so here goes:

The last time you...

Almost any other day, I'd say today because I laugh a lot, but so far this morning has had more to do with pain (back ache) than laughter. Well, I laughed as I typed that (my inner sadist is alive and well), so... just now.

Day before yesterday. Sad movie.

felt guilty? Guilt is my life. I don't actually need anything to feel guilty about. I live with a kind of generalized numbing guilt on the theory that just by existing I have undoubtedly been annoying to someone.

shouted at the TV? Pretty regularly, I'm afraid. Certain commercials make me grumble and any mention of George W. Bush pretty much causes my blood to boil instantly. I watch the "talking heads" on Sunday, so my Sunday mornings involve a lot of yelling and some swearing.

had a hangover?
Long, long, time ago. Don't drink much any more.

hugged someone?
If kitties count, this morning.

couldn't sleep?
I sleep pretty well these days. It's been a while since I had a sleepless night.

kissed someone?
Again, if you count kitties and/or stuffed kitties - this morning.

Exercise? What's exercise?

ate something really unhealthy? You mean there's healthy food?

had a dance? Previous life

went on a shopping spree? I guess my camera counts as a shopping spree - so about 2 months ago.

spoke to your mom? She died on Feb. 3, 1991. I saw her the day before, I think.

said "I love you"?
Every day to my cats and in emails to my nieces and nephew.

And your last word is? Yikes. Breakfast is burning!

I'm not going to tag anyone. If you feel like doing it, please do so and let me know. It turned out to be kind of fun. Have a nice weekend. Hope to see people at Wordzzles on Saturday.

Took the picture below late last evening. It was way too dark to be taking photos so I decided to just play with it and try to make it "artsy" or something. It's colorful, at least. I don't think of grackles as singing or talking birds, but this little guy seems to spend a lot of time on top of this post chatting away to someone or something. Reminds me of a wonderful children's book I read years ago, called WILLIE WAS DIFFERENT. It was illustrated by Norman Rockwell and was about a young bird who didn't like to sing the "traditional" songs of his species. Wonderful book.


Shrijnana said...

My last few comments don't seem to have appeared. Computers are like that sometimes- they aren't as rational or predictable as they're reputed to be. I've enjoyed your last few posts, especially the Peace post. I'm going to try to do this meme in the next few days. There's some illness traveling around my house, so I can't make any guarantees.

Raven said...

Sorry you are having illness... hope it passes quickly. I know what you mean about computers. Glad you enjoyed the peace post. I look forward to your response to the meme. Hope you are all feeling better quickly. Check out my healing hands page at Ravens Reiki... ya never know... might help.

Dianne said...

I told akelamalu I'd do this one too. I'm going to get to it next week.

I loved your answers. Of course kitties count and you hug lots of people with your poems.

and I laughed over "there is healthy food?"

photo is beautiful. As I stared at it I decided the two long rusted nails look like the talons of a huge bird hiding on the other side of the post.

see I can annoy myself - guilt-free ;)

Raven said...

Hi dianne - I'm not sure what you're seeing as long rusted nails - I think they are actually branches... I'll send you some un messed with photos I took earlier in the day. I keep wishing one of the really big birds would land and let me take it's picture - without hurting any other birds or kitties or anything, just a photo op... so far, no luck.

Akelamalu said...

I enjoyed reading more about you. Ah you love your kitties don't you honey? Thanks for doing this. x

Raven said...

Hi akelamalu... I enjoyed doing it. I do love my kitties. They are my children, my family really.

Shrijnana said...

My answers are posted. Thanks for this, it was fun.

Raven said...

shrijnana - I'm so glad you did the meme. I hope others will visit and get to know you better.

Diana said...

"I live with a kind of generalized numbing guilt on the theory that just by existing I have undoubtedly been annoying to someone."

This line is pure brilliance. (Just like you!)

Raven said...

Hi... always makes me happy when you pop by. Thanks. I wish the line was brilliant but less true. Still, I'll take a compliment that includes the word brilliance.

I Love You,
Aunt Kathie