Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poem of the Week: A Silly Poem Today

Well, I've been all grim and political of late, so I thought maybe I'd post something totally silly for today's poem of the week. I wrote this about 15 years ago, I guess while I was in therapy. There may be a few made-up dreams, but most of them I really had. I don't know why I haven't been carted away yet. I guess because I have locked myself up voluntarily....

Having a hard time making this look right. The lines are too long for the narrowness of the blog format and I can't think of a solution. Does anyone else have bizarre things happen in Preview? My type changes size and it never looks like it actually looks. Strange. Anyway... Hope this makes you giggle. Couldn't think of any good decorative art this morning either. I may add something later if I get a good idea.

The time has come her psyche said to talk of many things

Of toilets, birds and pregnant cats, of icky, wormy things

Of course, my dear, you can't expect the message to be clear

A psyche works quite subtly one's consciousness to steer

And so she sighed and dreamed again of toilets large and small

And once she almost fell from off a precipice quite tall

She dreamt of cats in closets, cats peeing in the hall

She dreamt of great big mansions and houses very small

She dreamt and she remembered, she dreamt and she forgot

Some images were vivid, some images were not

But the more that she remembered them, the stranger they appeared

Yet also she began to sense they were nothing to be feared

In fact, in time some symbols began to make clear sense

And she smiled and thought quite smugly, "I'm not so very dense."

And hearing this her psyche, from its vast creative plane

Drew forth some brand new symbols to befuddle her again

And now she dreamt of prisons and towns with funny names

And she dreamt of pigs and horses and playing silly games

She dreamt of feathered slippers and banking in the park

Some dreams were full of colors bright and some were very dark

She dreamt of popes and Chinamen, of ceilings falling down

She dreamt of being lost and scared, she dreamt that she might drown

She dreamt of taking buses, she dreamt of riding bikes

She dreamt of riding space ships, she dreamt of taking hikes

Sometimes she dreamed in series; some dreams were set apart

Some dreams seemed kind of foolish and some like works of art

Some dreams were full of mystery, in rich exotic places

Some dreams were very commonplace and she knew the people's faces

But few of them were boring, and she never, ever knew

What new peculiar happenings her psyche would bring through

And so each night she closed her eyes and journeyed deep inside

To the world of her unconscious where lost fears and hopes reside

And often in these travels, with sweet visions she was blest

That would help her in her day-life, would guide her on her quest

To heal and gird and strengthen her sometimes fainting soul

As she struggled first to find herself, then to touch the Greater Whole
But whether one is questing, or only in a doze,

The clever, witty, psyche, will keep you on your toes.

- Katherine E. Rabenau


Dianne said...

your clever witty psyche always keeps me on my toes

I love it - like a nursery rhyme for adults.

tt said...

I love it too!!!
It kinda made me scratch my head tho...have you been ramblin' around my grape??? cuz I'd swear those are my dreams too!!!!

Richard said...

I likee your psyche.


Jeff B said...

Wow, where the mind does wander as we sleep.

I like what Dianne said, "like a nursery rhyme for adults."

Raven said...

dianne - cool way to think of it... thanks. My dreams have calmed down these days though they are still interesting sometimes.

tt - sorry if you are sharing that collection. Those were dark days when I wrote that poem

richard - :-)

jeff b - my mind certainly goes to some very strange locations, though as I said to dianne - the ones I remember these days are a little less eccentric than they were back when I wrote this poem

Sweet dreams everyone! Hee hee.

Casdok said...

Excellent poem! Very clever!