Thursday, May 08, 2008

Poem of the Week: Magnetic Coffee Mug Poem

Centuries ago, before I had turned into the old fart I am today, my nieces and nephew gave me one of those magnetic coffee mugs with all the little magnetized words in it. I wrote two poems with it. (Not as easy a you might think, by the way.) I somehow lost track of the second one, which adorned my refrigerator for a while, but I still have this one. Since Paint Shop Pro has not been raised from the dead yet, I borrowed today's graphic from the foodnetwork and hope they won't notice or care. If they do, I'll remove it.

Shake me awake

Invigorate and fill my life

I need to taste sacred desire's

Magic, full-flavored brew

Pour vital power, like hot liquid cream --

Steaming, calming, strong.

I drink in the fresh smell of you

Weak as mud, I give ground

Black ice breaks up

And morning is fueled

With love's delicious, potent aroma

- Katherine E. Rabenau


maryt/theteach said...

Lovely poem, Katherine! Especially since it's about coffee and whipped cream... Yum!

Dianne said...

Yum is right!

Raven said...

hi maryt - thanks. I had given up coffee for a long time and had an upstairs neighbor who was a coffee junkie. She would always have a cup with her when she visited and eventually the smell got to me and I started drinking it again... more for the International Delight creamer than the coffee, I think.

hi dianne - question for both of you... is this poem really only about coffee?

Richard said...

Oh Ode to Caffeine and Cream
Of what you speak I only Dream
To think the elixir oh so strong
Can get me thru workday so long

I would never ever think of you as weak as mud, though I know we all are vulnerable in the morning.


Raven said...

Thanks Richard. This morning I am still feeling weaker than mud. I'm feeling better than I have been but still snurfly and fuzzy headed... and my ear itches. And it's cold outside. 46 degrees and raining! Looks incredibly beautiful, though. The trees are all in bloom. I'm enjoying that all your comments are now rhyming.