Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend:
Bill Moyers on Veterans and the War

I love Bill Moyers. I first fell in love with him years ago during the wonderful series of interviews he did with Joseph Campbell. Anyone who hasn't seen those interviews should run right out to the video store or netflix (if they have them) and make it a point to watch them. They are life-changing.

But back to Bill Moyers. He is such a gift in a news and media world barren of content and thoughtfulness. His shows are actually a source of genuine information. His commentaries reflect his decency and wisdom. I admire him, I adore him, I am grateful that he is out there doing the work he does and doing it so well. So, anyway, I really had to control myself to post just these few video clips.

While I was retrieving the first two videos I ran across this one. It's not about the war or veterans, but it is deeply disturbing and I thought I'd share it.

Ok.... I had to add one more, Jon Stewart being serious and brilliant ....


Dianne said...

Where to even begin to comment Raven. A fascinating and troubling collection of videos. Thank You for always shining a light.

I was at a neighbor's BBQ yesterday and everyone was bitching and whining about gas prices and I said we needed to ask how the prices were connected to the Bush family holdings and how the war had been manufactured to create this crisis for the wealthy corporations. I might as well have had two heads.

One genius said it was because of illegal Mexicans. He couldn't explain it and didn't feel he needed to since most were nodding their heads in agreement. I asked how it was that they could question poor people just trying to feed their kids but couldn't muster up any questions for Bush. I was told that all politicians were corrupt and it was pointless to fight them and naive to think Obama was different. I won't even start on the not so subtle racism that is exposed when they talk of Obama.

There is the disconnect that Jon so beautifully spoke of. The comfortable wanting to beat the crap of the uncomfortable instead of fighting the true enemy.

I never shut up once Raven. I asked why, I refused to back down, I had a fact for every stupid comment.

It was, it is exhausting but I refuse to give up.

Raven said...

dianne - Glad you are out there speaking the truth. It is so frustrating. Probably another reason I never leave my house. It feels to me like people don't think. In my eyes Bush's evilness virtually flashes like a neon sign and it puzzles me that people refuse to see it or to care enough to want to change things. You never know, though, that when you keep at it with people, they don't hear you even if they refuse to admit it. And you are so eloquent, I'm sure you made them think, at the least.

Richard said...

Bravo Katherine, this collection of clips says it all about where we are at in our country.

I am proud to be a friend of someone who gets it.

I came here today, on Memorial Day, and that seems appropriate


Minnesotablue said...

I absolutely love Bill Moyers and watch him on PBS every time he is on. Such and kind and brilliant man. And so thoughtfull
The right is constantly tearing him apart. I have seen clips of Bill Oreilly trying to totally discredit him and it makes me so angry.
He is a great voice for our country

Raven said...

Hi Richard - glad you enjoyed them. Can't go wrong with Bill Moyers. Proud to be your friend too. Thank you.

Minnesota Blue - Moyers is truly frightening to the right because he is so intelligent and dignified - and because he has such integrity in the reporting he does. Integrity must just terrify guys like O'Reilly.

I'm so glad people are looking at these. I was afraid they had fallen into the weekend void.