Sunday, May 04, 2008

One Single Impression: Desert/Deserted

Today OSI
Prompts Desert or Deserted
Alas, this is hard

Deserted by muse
I am so dissatisfied
With today's haikus

Computer crashing
Leaves me with no paint shop pro
Sorrow rules the day

Youth deserted me
I shuffle along alone
Wishing she’d return


Ravaged earth, starving hordes
God and values deserted
For gas, greed, power


Battling depression
I feel deserted by hope
But gratitude wins


Skinny gray kitty
Hearts deserted by kindness
Dumped you like garbage


Strange desert beauty
Lonely giants raise their arms
To a blazing sky


The desert is stark
But when the cactus blossoms
There’s nothing like it


Anonymous said...

..In the teeter totter of hope and despair 'But when the cactus blossoms'
is the key line for me.The other haikus are also appealing.Thank U for sharing these..

SandyCarlson said...

These grip the reality of our world, both public and private. The feeling is honest, the movement, real. Thank you.
Writing in Faith: Poems

Anonymous said...

Raven, I found that each haiku that I read, I wanted to say "THIS is what I am!," and then I read the next and no! It's that one. You manage to say so much in so few perfectly chosen words. Thank you for these.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed how you explored "deserted" and then spun it around on the last two haiku. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I was swept by your emotions, then I read about the skinny gray kitty and was swept by my own. I have 2 gray kitties.

I agree, this prompt was hard! You gave us wonderful, raw emotion in your Haiku, Raven!

ardi k said...

I like 'em. Especially the desert ones.

Edward S Gault said...

I like the Ravaged earth poem best.
(I tend to be very political)
Great work on all of them though!

Mandy said...

platitudes knitted
into a mock haiku weave
five by seven by five

even in the desert
a cactus blooms


Richard said...
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Richard said...

Once I knew a man
Then I didn't
Go figure

Katherine, my five things meme is posted today at Mr. Richard's Bloggerhood.


Anonymous said...

I so love all your haiku. So many variations and nuances.


Anonymous said...

These are great, and I can relate to several of them. Doesn't sound like you are having a bad haiku day to me.

Teri said...

I could just feel those words.

Quiet Paths said...

Each of these speaks a truth of beauty or of beauty ravaged -- emphasizing for me that the internal, seemingly solo struggles of the individual are often mirrored in the external world, as are the beauties.

Dianne said...

"but gratitude wins"

that made me feel better

Anonymous said...

love yr kuz... speak so clearly... love them all... but the kitty, and the dez for me they sing...

qualcosa di bello said...

i love the scatterings of hope that peak through your desert kus!

Roswila said...

Youth deserted me
I shuffle along alone
Wishing she’d return

My goodness, all too sadly I really get this one. But age has it's perks. (E.g., in old -- :-D -- poem of mine I mention that we don't have to repeat the same old mistakes anymore.)

Annie Jeffries said...

Amazing how you have run the gamut of emotions and meanings. I especially enjoyed ...Youth deserted me . . .

storyteller said...

so much happening
within and shared honestly
this prompt struck a chord

These ‘resonate’ mightily! Simply amazing haiku this week! Mine’s at Sacred Ruminations today.
Hugs and blessings,

spacedlaw said...

Sorry that your computer means have deserted you.
Good series though.