Sunday, May 11, 2008

One SIngle Impression: Warm

Today's OSI prompt was warm.... By the way... I use the Mozilla Foxfire browser instead of Explorer for most things. I recently discovered that what I post here looks different in Explorer than it does on Foxfire. I had to add a whole lot of returns to have the text appear below photo on the Explorer browser today even though it was easily below the photo on my Foxfire browser. I'm sure a lot of my older posts have looked all kaflooey and I apologize for that.

Winter has moved on

Pushed aside by warm Spring air

Flowers and new life

Memory warms my heart

Baby snuggled in my arms

Sleeping peacefully

Playing hide and seek

"Warm, warm, warmer," he professed

But his heart was cold


Racing heart, red face, dry mouth

Is it warm in here?

Art of healing touch

Warm hands channel reiki* love

My awe never ends

*pronounced ray-key

Thinking of Carole

My sister’s smile was so warm

It radiated love

Rumbling kitty purrs

Warm my lonely arms and heart

Let me know I’m loved


Barb said...

'Playing hide and seek' was my favorite, until I got to 'Rumbling kitty purrs'! Wonderful, Raven.

SandyCarlson said...

"Hide and seek" knocked me over. That's a wonderful piece. I enjoyed this exploration of the many meanings of warmth.

I use Firefox for everything, and your blog always looks great!

Have a blessed day.
Writing in Faith: Poems

STP said...

You have captured the feeling of warmth in may forms quite well. I particularly like the Reiki piece; a warmth I have known and reveled in many times.

maryt/theteach said...

These are so lovely, Raven! BTW Thank you for participating in my "What if" meme. I've posted the results for everyone to see! Come visit! :D

qualcosa di bello said...

all are rich & warm words, but i do have to profess agreement with 'hide & seek'...just wow!

me ann my camera said...

These are all wonderful haiku. The warmth of spring is so, so welcome after such a long, cold winter; and on Mother's Day, the memories of a baby in my arms. The kitty purrs, so wonderfully powerful. They all leave me with a 'warm' feeling.

Anonymous said...

Great poems. I really loved the hide and seek haiku.

I, too, have issues between firefox and explorer. I can't seem to get any separation in my lines and virtually no formatting when using firefox. I have to go through explorer in order to post anything that is formatted.

Anonymous said...

Wow! excellent set of poems. You've expressed warmth in so many ways.
I was lucky to come up with one!

I use Firefox exclusively, and have always been very pleased with it.

Linda Murphy said...

Hi there-I loved your poems! Beautiful.

I also use Firefox and I am very happy with it. Computer stuff has been baffling me lately, but it's Excel that is getting the best of me.

Raven said...

willthink4wine - thanks. Not sure where that hide and seek one came from, but I like it too.

Sandy - thanks... I love Foxfire. It's pretty much all I use. I have Explorer for one or two things that don't work with Foxfire (free netflix movies). I only accidentally discovered that what looks fine on Foxfire looks all misaligned on Explorer. Irritating. And to have it look ok on Explorer I had to add all that extra space which makes it look odd on Foxfire. Grrr.

stp - thanks. Isn't reiki wonderful?

Raven said...

Hi maryt - thanks. I enjoyed your What If meme...

qualcoa di bello - thanks. I love "wows."

me and my camera - thanks for your kind words. Happy Mother's Day.

pam - thanks. I hadn't had any problems with Foxfire until recently when odd things are happening. I usually post and tweak things after they are posted. But had no idea that they looked different on Explorer. That must makes no sense to my cyber challenged psyche.

thanks, Nancy. I love Foxfire. I just wish I hadn't discovered this that what I see on Foxfire isn't what people with Explorer see. Bugs me.

snoopmurph - thanks. Computer stuff tends to baffle me in general. I'm so grateful that my friend Nate has been helping to fix my puter up. I found my paint shop program this morning so that is now restored and Nate fixed my Media center so I can watch DVDs again. Life is better. Missed you at Wordzzles this weekend. Hope you had a good Mother's Day.

Mandy said...

I especially like the last one.

Cross-browser compatibility is best acheived by sticking to plain text formatting.

Unknown said...

I agree with Mandy on the poem. I use Modzilla too. But Blogger is the weirdo. I find that I now have to submit name and pass code to my own site. It's like Capt. Renault in Casablanca!


Quiet Paths said...

I use Firefox; these look perfectly fine to me. I really admire all of these; the one about your sister is wonderful and of course the spring thing too!

Raven said...

hi, mandy - Thanks for the advice. I have no idea what that means.

Hey, Michael - Blogger does seem to be going through some odd changes. Stuff is happening to me now that didn't used to happen.

quietpaths - wow, so many people use foxfire. Thanks for the comment about my sister. She was a remarkable person.

Kate said...

I love how you have so many different takes on "warm". Very creative and thoughtful. The humiliation one I can really feel.

Kate said...

I love how you have so many different takes on "warm". Very creative and thoughtful. The humiliation one I can really feel.

Anonymous said...


I like "hide and seek' too. Your poems all express what warm is. I also love the warmness in a smile. It's that wonderful image of a loved one, that never really leaves us. Excellent takes!

Patois42 said...

Quite enjoyable to read such a brilliant series, thank you. I, too, fall for hide and seek. And also your memories of your sister.

Teri said...

I always love reading your series of poems but my personal favorite is the first one. It is so 'spring'!

gautami tripathy said...

I use Sidux's Iceweasel, which is similar to firefox. It works great for me.

And it sheer pleasure to read your poems!

warm feelings

Pirate Princess said...

Hi Raven,

Lovely "warm" thoughts so well put together!

So nice to meet someone who actually does reiki on others. I've been considering getting it done, but haven't taken the plunge. I'm not sure what I want to get out of it yet, although I was told it would help my left brain/right brain to talk to each other again. Mostly, I have to get rid of candidia, and that process frightens me more than living with it. But I'm overcoing those fears, albeit slowly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your poems leave me with warm feelings. I had forgotten about, warm, warmer in hide and seek. Thanks for the memory.

I use both Firefox and Safari to post. Safari is better than it used to be, Firefox is harder to use since the last upgrade. Also never know where my photos will end up on the post with Firefox.

Raven said...

hi kate - thanks. Unfortunately, I can really feel the humiliation one too. Hope we both outgrow that.

mybellavia - thanks. Oddly, I think of my sister's hands more than her smile. When she talked, her hands talked with her. She had a great smile, though.

patois - funny that hide and seek one seems to be the popularity contest winner this week.

teri c - I wish it felt more true here. Winter seems to be pushing back this year, though today the temps are more seasonal than when I wrote that one.

gautami tripathy - Sidux Iceweasel should be a character in a book. Thanks for your kind words. What a lovely thing to say.

Raven said...

texasblu - Thanks. So glad to hear you are going to explore reiki. There's really nothing to fear. I would tell you that the reiki energy has an intelligence of its own and if you can enter into it with open expectations, you will probably enjoy it more. In my experience the energy won't take you any place that you don't want to go. Reiki is so gentle. ... it really is pure love. Please feel free to email me about it if you want to and maybe I can help you move past your anxiety. Did you ever check out my healing hands page? If you check back a week or so, I posted a link to them. You can also find them by clicking Raven's Reiki in the list of sites to see (or whatever I called it).

Sorry. Didn't mean to write a novel. Probably nobody checks back anyway so you will probably never even read this. Oh well...

Raven said...

gardenpath - I've never had much trouble with Foxfire... except for my recent discovery that photos show up differently on foxfire than they do on explorer.

Anonymous said...

love the wide range of kuz...

storyteller said...

I use Mozilla Firefox too … so I’m wondering what MY posts look like in IE. I’m not sure I want to know … sigh! I certainly don’t have time to do anything about it currently anyway, so maybe I won’t check. I love the word ‘kaflooey’ ;--)

There were so many possibilities with this week’s theme! I enjoyed all of yours, and tried to choose a favorite … but just can’t (unless it’s the one about your sister … or about the baby … hide & seek and the kitty purring … well … you get the idea why I can’t choose just one) so thanks for sharing them all!
Hugs and blessings,

Annie Jeffries said...

You have expressed so many shades of meaning in the word, warm. You have totally captured the healing power of a kitten in the last.

spacedlaw said...

I was captured by the hide and seek haiku. And the last one is a familiar feeling.

Raven said...

one more believer - thanks

storyteller - I've pretty much been avoiding thinking about the IE problem as much as I can. I kind of wish I didn't know about it. Thanks for your kind words about the haiku.

annie - thanks. My Angel kitty is a superlative hugger, even if she is the naughtiest animal alive.

spacedlaw - thanks. Kitties are the best, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

..she speaks english but talks in the language of emotions..thanks..