Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Daily Reminder #2

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Today's Reminder:

No matter the circumstances you are in, find the place of Love. That is the Soul's Home. It is all that matters. The surroundings - be they beautiful, ugly, peaceful, distressed - are like temporary decorations and mean nothing in the Divine Scheme. The heart is home. Love is Home. Open your heart to love (giving and receiving both). Know that you are Love. You are Home.

This is my friend's dog, Josie.
I think today's reminder came from her.
She's not feeling too well and
her human is worried about her.
Prayers for them both would be much appreciated.

A few things I'm grateful for today:

An abundance of clean water for drinking and bathing
email (well some email....)

Tara Grace being a "Place of Love"

Have a wonderful holiday weekend here in the States
and a wonderful regular weekend elsewhere.


Janie B said...

Same to you, my friend. Beautiful pictures of all the sweeties.

Argent said...

I like this theme, so uplifting. You words and pictures are well-suited and my thoughts go out to Jasie and her humans.