Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge: Week 110

This is week 110 of the Weekly (previously known as the Saturday) Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. I had a tough time this week... my brain is in serious need of reprogramming. I think next week's words may be just as weird. Sigh. I guess a challenge is a good thing.... ????

This week's 10 word challenge is:
solar power, rooster, all God's children go to Heaven, prosperity, savage, cucumber salad, drizzle and fog, false teeth, library books, trench
For the mini: muscle spasms, charter boat, sunshine, microwave oven, ample bosoms

My 10 word:

Despite the morning's drizzle and fog, the neighbor's rooster was crowing so loud that Martin Trench was certain that there must be a loud speaker attached to barn. His feelings on the subject of the rooster were surprisingly savage. For a vegetarian who preferred cucumber salad to any form of meat, he was having visions of the aforementioned bird, plucked, basted and silenced forever. Inheriting his Grandmother's farm had not ushered in the sense of prosperity he had imagined. His first weekend here had been an emotional roller coaster, clear away the detritus of his grandparent's life-times... everything from old library books to false teeth, to brochures about converting to solar power (Grandma had never let herself get stuck in the past), to photo albums rich with memories of his own and his mother's childhoods. His favorite discovery so far was a dusty framed needlepoint Grandma had made as a child. "All God's children go to Heaven," it said. He knew she was there, at least.

The mini:

Standing by the microwave oven waiting for his instant dinner to be ready, Dan Jones reflected on his weekend with his daughter. Despite the agonizing pain of the muscle spasms in his lower back and a pretty bad sun burn, Dan Jones had to admit that his day of fishing with his daughter on the charter boat Sunshine and Roses had turned out better than he expected. The hot babe with the ample bosoms and a young daughter Rachel's age had proven to be good company and the four of them had had a great day. Rachel had a new friend and he had a date for next Saturday. On the whole, life was good.

The maxi:

Although the weather channel's promised sunshine had turned out to be drizzle and fog, Martha Jane Savage's spirits were high. She sat in a booth by the window at All God's Children Go to Heaven Cafe, savoring her cucumber salad, quiche and the wonders of sudden prosperity. The pile of library books and pamphlets on the table before her was enormous. She was still trying to grasp how much her life was about to change. Her 50 million dollar lottery ticket was about to propel her from a world of poverty and missed meals to a level of opulence she could only begin to imagine. She hardly knew where to start and found herself flitting back and forth between trying to select the right microwave oven to deciding how big her house should be and whether to invest in solar power, whether she should invest in more ample bosoms... her mind raced on and on in mad circles... Then there were some basic things. She wanted to get new, good, false teeth for her mother ... and a house for her too and maybe she and Rooster could get married now... and maybe instead of a house, they could buy the old Trench Family farm on Route 18 that hey had always loved... or maybe they should just travel or... Her head was suddenly spinning, though she had barely taken a sip of her glass of wine. It must be the tension of deciding what to do... It was giving her a headache and muscle spasms too... so she added massage and chiropractor to her list and reminded herself that she had a life-time ahead of her to make these decisions... and soon she would not have to make her decisions alone. Probably she would have more advice than she wanted. So far, she had somehow managed to keep the news of her winnings secret, but the State had promised that she would receive her first check next week. Conveniently, this coincided with her 40th birthday, so she had rented a charter boat for the weekend and told her family it was a birthday party. Instead she would surprise them all with her good news the promise of dreams come true for all of them. She could hardly wait to turn 40. Who would have thought she'd ever say that! Life was good indeed!


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: clam chowder, chapter and verse, mega sale, arguably, tribe, shake a leg, platform, smelly shoes, gray hair, dangling participle

For the mini: gone fishing, privacy, noticeable, customary, tooth ache, disposable

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!



quilly said...

I actually knew a man who went from poverty to riches winning the lottery. He said it was the worst thing that ever happened to his family. Where they used to be a unit pulling together, he and his wife had divorced, the kids took sides, nobody spoke to anybody and it was all bitterness and acrimony. Sad.

Argent said...

Aw, you painted such a lovely picture in your first piece: I love the idea of a veggie fantasising the death and subsequent roasting of a noisy rooster and I love how the third piece linked back. You did a good job with the words this week I think. I struggled for a bit but eventually managed something. Where is everyone lately? Reston Friends and Akelamalu and MommyWisdom. Has DawnTreader deserted us too? Hoep not, I want to know how her story ends.

San said...

Raven, you've always had a powerful way with the wordzzles, but you've outdone yourself this week!

When I read the 10-word and the mini, they were quite good and I was thinking, 'Oh no, she's going to push her luck with the maxi this week...' and you went and rolled everything up into this abundant ball of good luck. You were kissed by the wordzzle muse, friend. French-kissed at that.