Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge: Week 111

Is anybody else having weird blogger problems? While I was trying to write this, it was literally saving almost every other word... And now I can only access one post at a time, not the whole blog.... Just me or...?

This is week 111 of the Weekly (previously known as the Saturday) Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. Oops... the mini had six words! Sorry about that. Really sorry. I'm having a terrible time getting anything written this week. Sorry about posting late too... This was one of the toughest collections of words I've come up with in a long time... especially with an extra one!

This week's 10 word challenge is:
clam chowder, chapter and verse, mega sale, arguably, tribe, shake a leg, platform, smelly shoes, gray hair, dangling participle
For the mini: gone fishing, privacy, noticeable, customary, tooth ache, disposable

The 10-word:

It was Super Duper Mart's annual mega sale and the store was packed and noisy. As she was pulling a dozen cans of her favorite clam chowder off the shelf, Charity Johnson was startled by a voice directly behind her." Hey you, with the smelly shoes...Shake a leg." She turned around to see arguably the ugliest - and possibly the strangest - human being on the planet. He had long gray hair that was randomly streaked with pink and green, a large, bulbous nose, and a pair of glasses that magnified eyes that were two different colors. He wore a green hat that said "Chapter and Verse" on the brim, purple platform shoes, orange and green striped leggings and a t-shirt that said Dangling Participle Tribe. "Dad, you miserable dead beat!" she gasped... "I should have known you'd show up for the mega sale!"

The mini:

The swelling from Nate Wilson's tooth ache was noticeable even given the customary puffiness of what is wife referred to - much to his dismay since she did not limit her exuberance to the privacy of their own home, but felt a need to gush it out in every conceivable and humiliating circumstance possible - as his "adorable chipmunk cheeks". As a consequence of this, his ego had long ago gone fishing, so to speak, but fortunately his sense of humor, his self esteem and his lover for his wife remained in tact. He did on occasion wish that he had enough disposable income to take his cheeks to a plastic surgeon, but Helen was against it and now it seemed like the dentist was going to get any extra money they had in their bank account... and that was the case even though their dentist was Helen's cousin Jim. Speaking of Jim.... the door opened and a voice called... "c'mon in, Chip." It was going to be a long day.

The maxi:

Paula Platform pulled the disposable camera out of her pocket and snapped some tourist photos of the reservation, trying not to be too noticeable. Frank and the boys had gone fishing, trying to capture the spirit of the place without violating anyone's privacy. Looking around at the terrible poverty of the place, she decided to spend every penny she had at the Tribal gift shop's mega sale. How dreadful it must be, she thought, to have it be customary for some gray haired stranger like herself, sweaty clothes and smelly shoes wandering around your home observing you like you were a zoo specimen or an exhibit at a museum. Arguably, tourist trade was a source of income, but still... she wished she had a platform to express her distress... it nagged at her like a tooth ache or a dangling participle. She was a kind and passionate woman and this kind of poverty - and the history behind it - violated everything - chapter and verse - that she believed in. She hated that the only thing she knew to do to fix it - buying souvenirs - was part of the very thing she claimed to deplore. In the midst of this internal battle, she glanced at her watch. "Oh dear, I'd better shake a leg. Time to meet Frank and the boys at that clam chowder restaurant everyone was raving about at the hotel. She would have to save the world tomorrow.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: carpenter ants, freak, good as new, jelly beans, olive oil, scamper, champion, goose egg, pizza, ceiling fan

For the mini: gravity, variable, swinging on a star, gardening, trombone

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!


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Argent said...

Hi Raven. I enjoyed your stories this week. What a colourful character the Dad was in your first one! The second one struck a chord too - married people do embarrass each other sometime without meaning to in the name of fun. And your third also touched a nerve. When I was in China, there were so many people vying for our tourist money and beggars too - give or not give? We have so much in the west, we forget that it's not like that for everyone. I'm up now anyway - I hope we won't be alone...