Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Please Bless the Bees

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Yesterday I read an article about the dying off of honey bees. I've been aware of this for a while. I've read about it before, seen a PBS special on the subject... but most of all - what makes it painful and real - is that I don't see bees in my yard. The dandylions wave in the breeze untended by ungainly fuzzy little creatures who defy gravity. My flowering quince's blooms are unattended by pollen seekers. We take these little guys so for granted, but the dying of the bees is probably and even greater threat to life on earth than global warming. So far the source is a mystery... possibly pesticides, possibly global warming, possibly a mix of reasons. But whatever the reason, the pollinating bees are disappearing and dying at an alarming rate.

I'm more of a follower about things usually, but I want to try and start a "Bless the Bees" campaign. For myself, I'm going to figure out a way to send reiki. I haven't quite worked out a method yet. A friend wrote - "you mean like send reiki to the oversoul of the bees?" I love that phrase. The Oversoul of the Bees. I don't know if that's how I'll do it for myself, but it's such a great phrase, I don't want to waste it. In any case, I want to both raise awareness and try to send love and prayer out to the Universe on behalf of the bees and to ask everyone else to join in. Do whatever works for you, but do something. Here are a few possibilities...

  • Prayer. Pray for the bees recovery.
  • Gratitude. Hawaiian mysticism believes in the power of blessing, the idea being that that which we bless, that which we pay attention to, we draw toward us. I like that idea. So, you could take a minute to bless the bees when you see them. Bless their handiwork pollinating flowers and keeping our world green and growing
  • Sending Reiki or some other healing modality (Love's a good one, white light... )
  • If you're a gardener or have the ability, plant bee friendly plants or start your own hive
  • Spread the word

Perhaps if we all spent some energy praying for, sending love to, even expressing our gratitude to these wonderful creatures who fertilize our flowers and our grains and keep the world in blossom, they will begin to recover. Let us hope they recover, with or without us. If they are wiped out by the mysterious plague that is currently decimating their populations - at least here in the US - it will be a poorer, hungrier, and grayer world.

I took this photo 2 years ago before my camera got
damaged and when the bees were still abundant.
I pray that they can recover and return.

So, anyway, I hope anyone who reads this will send some love or prayer or healing energy these small flying pollinators of our universe.... and ask your friends to ask their friends. I believe there's great power in prayer and love and even more in prayer and love wielded collectively. To help with the process, here's some information about bees. From Wikipedia and the article I read yesterday from Care2.com.

Wednesday Addendum:

I took up my friend's idea of talking to the Oversoul last night for a brief meditation on what to do and what I came up with (or the Oversoul or...) was an image of a giant "Healing Lotus" where the bees can come or be brought. In my "vision" (that seems a bit of a heady term for what it was, the lotus was surrounded by beings of light. That could be angels. It could be those of us sending love and prayer... or it could be both. Anyway, how exactly to use this image is still a bit vague for me, but I thought I'd share it in case anyone else wants to use it.


Margaret Gosden said...

I had no idea that bees are on the endangered list. A week or two ago my header was sporting flowers and
I had unknowingly photographed two bees. I enlarged the couple and put them within the blog. It was good to hear from you again, after so long. Thank you for
your interest in the fate of street artists!

Sue Seibert said...

Amen, Raven!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of honey bee in action.

Argent said...

As I understand it, the bees in Britain are also declining. There's talk of some kind of mite that's killing them but no-one seems to know for sure. Thanks for the reminder about this.

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
We just discussed the lack of bees with friends the other day. I, because I have a huge cherry tree only carrying blossoms and never berries, and a friend, because he is related to an apple farmer no far from we live. They actually hired beehives to get the blossoms pollinated.
Our friend talked about starting up with bee hives himself.

I was not aware it is a global problem. By us it cannot be global warming. We have had Christmas temperatures in May and the coldest winter in decades behind us.
I'd go for pesticides and air pollution.
The weird thing is, however, that I didn't think of praying. I who pray about almost anything, and believe in a living, caring God.
-I also have been helped by reiki healing, and find no problems by that.-
Of course I'll pray. I'll also talk more with our special friend and encourage him starting a bee "farm".
Thank you for being so engaged and very much caring about everything.
From Felisol

Margaret Gosden said...

I have posted your blog URL on my Ruby Tuesday blog
today in reference to your Bee story! At the time of
posting I had forgotten who had reported about the
declining bee population. Then, just now, I remembered...

Anonymous said...

I shall pray for the bees- a symbol of the Goddess from ancient times. Indeed, we must unite with our earth's powers of receptivity and Grace to create new life. it is the old way.