Friday, May 28, 2010

The Daily Reminder

I got this idea to try and buck up the spirits of a friend of mine by sending her a daily reminder about herself.... I got so excited about the idea that I lost a lot of sleep last night thinking about what I would say and how I'd do it and then I thought.... well I could make this a daily feature at the blog and maybe it would get me blogging again, so.... here is installment one... slightly modified to protect the name of my friend. Hopefully I'll get better at it as the days pass.

Anyone reading this is reminded that God loves him or her. This love comes direct from God (aka Great Mystery, the Source, All-that-Is, Jesus, Buddah, Muhammed) and also through the love of friends and her/his 4 (and sometimes 3) legged companions. In moments of doubt or self loathing, dear reader, try looking at yourself through the eyes of your cat or dog or baby. Who are you to doubt the wisdom of God and all those who love you? To reject yourself is to reject their love as well. Do you really want to do that?

Katherine/Raven would be wise to ponder this thought. Do we dishonor those who love us - including God - when we are cruel to ourselves in thought, word or deed?

A few things I'm grateful for today.

ceiling fans
Tara Grace and Angel
Shannon has dropped by as I write this to brighten my day

Have a wonderful day
and remember to be kind to yourself
(and the rest of us too)!


Argent said...

This post comes to me at the end of a long, fruitless and tiring day. Thanks, it was a drink of cool water.

quilly said...

Self-love is the hardest one to master. Too much and we're unbearable. Too little and we're morose. Balance is hard to come by. That's why grace is so important -- not just God's grace, but our own as well. Perfection cannot be achieved on this plain of existence.