Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gloomy Ruby Tuesday

Well, it's Ruby Tuesday.... brought to us as always by the amazing Mary at Work of the Poet.

There's sort of a dearth of red things in my life at the moment, mixed with gray skies and absurdly chilly weather, but I came up with a couple of birds and some confused foliage that thinks it's already Fall... Not my most inspired Ruby Tuesday, I'm afraid, but I wanted to try. I seldom flat out ask people to read things that I post, but I do hope you will consider reading about the plight of the bees in the post above.

I don't think my camera ever recovered from whatever happened to it last year when Shannon had an accident with it. I never like my pictures any more. Doesn't help that my windows are dirty and the sky is gray either, I suppose. Anyway, this is the best I have to offer at the moment.

This bush seems to think that it's moving to Fall,
even though Spring is just in mid bloom.

Of course the cardinal always insists on
hanging out at the farthest end of the yard
so blurry is the best I can get. He IS red, though.

This nice robin posed for me quite
patiently, but my pictures don't
do him justice at all.

It took me a while to realize (with
the naked eye) that this isn't a real
squirrel. This year the squirrels seem
to be hanging out with the bees . Haven't
seen a single one.



NanU said...

It's a very gloomy May around here too. The tomato plants aren't any bigger than when I planted them 4 weeks ago!
I do like your cardinal, even from afar. A pretty boy.

MaR said...

I am ready for sunny weather at last!!! enjoyed your shots, the cardinal is just so beautiful.

My Ruby Tuesday

Dianne said...

it is very cool here and it's raining like crazy
and windy too

I love the cardinal!!
and 'confused foliage' really made me laugh

Annie Jeffries said...

You got one of my favs. I can never see enough Cardinals.

Jim said...

Hey Ms. R, you can't complain about these pictures! They are 50 times better than my 'out the window' pictures.
I haven't posted any lately but I have some saved up. So far there haven't been any urges to post about them.

The bees are dying. Our Senator (male) from Texas thinks it is ridiculus to worry and spend money trying to save them. He isn't a farmer and must not be a gardener either.

I had a little swarm of bees on the first batch of lemond tree blossoms but not any for the second. Only one lemon has set on this year.

Happy RT! I found some red in Mrs. Jim's pantry this week for you. And a quiz but it will be easy for you.

Unknown said...

I love Cardinals too!

ellen b. said...

How cool to see Cardinals! We are pretty overcast today here in the Northwest...
Happy Ruby Tuesday to you Raven!

reg said...

These are great pictures, I love the Robin pic the best. It has been cold here as well, and to-day was another rain day

Heidi said...

I have read that about the bees before. I really do think that's its something we need to concern ourselves with. Good for you for trying to give the bees a hand.

I really like all of your ruby tuesday shots. The cardinal and the robin are wonderful shots. That robin really did pose perfectly for you. And everything is so green where you live. We are just barely starting to have Iris and tulips poking up through the not long forgotten snow.
I'd give anything for your sunshine. :)
Thanks for stopping by to visit me today!

Anonymous said...

It seems spring is finally arriving, or should I say coming back. Cardinals are gorgeous birds. Thanks for sharing.
Excuse the belated comment.

JunieRose2005 said...


I enjoyed your collection of reds! The Cardinal is a favorite of mine!


Argent said...

Well, if this is gloomy... I think you have a great eye for an interesting shot, blurry or not. I wonder if there's some kind of cyber-reiki one can send to a messed-up camera :-)

Felisol said...

I like your idea of ruby. The birds are great, so is the one red leaf.
How you must have worked to find your objects. Amazing.
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, no need for that.