Friday, May 07, 2010

Saturday Wordzzle Challenge: Week 108

This is week 108 of the Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. Not to happy with my results this week, but so it goes.

This week's 10 word challenge is: samples, argumentative, tragic, bagels and lox, osprey, bank balance, dream a little dream of me, providence, bride and groom, the flowers are in bloom again For the mini: over the top, preposterous, sing, cantaloupe, creepy

My mega:

The bride and groom (John and Margaret Samples) sit quietly eating their bagels and lox along with some cantaloupe and watching an osprey circle over the water outside their hotel room window. The TV is on and someone is singing a preposterously creepy version of "Dream a Little Dream of Me," but they are not laughing or even smiling. Despite the fact that the setting here in Providence, Rhode Island, is as beautiful as can be, the honeymoon is not off to a good start. They are in fact feeling rather argumentative. It seems that she (he is glaring moodily out the window) went on a pre-wedding shopping spree (well it's a once-in-a-life-time special event.... she mutters) which has produced a bank balance which he considers shocking and unacceptable. Although she concedes that she went a bit overboard, she thinks his reaction is way over the top considering the nature of her crime. It is hardly as tragic as he is pretending. They still have money in the bank and she has promised that she will pay it back if that will make him happy. She is crying now, quietly, and he is feeling guilty and ashamed. He begrudges her nothing; it's just that he has been planning a special surprise and now he can't afford it. He's more disappointed than angry and now he has hurt her feelings and doesn't know how to fix it. Finally he leans over and whispers, "I'm sorry. You are perfect and I love you. I was just planning a surprise for you and I got disappointed but it was meant to make you happy and if you are happy with what you bought yourself, then I will be happy too and surprise you another time.... and... " But he can get no more out because she has thrown her arms around his neck. The sun has come out and the flowers are in bloom again. "I love you, husband," she whispers, "we will be happy forever."

My 10-word:

Dream a Little Dream of Me wedding planners, George and Martha Osprey, believed that in the preparations for tying the knot, as they liked to call it - nothing (and they literally meant nothing) - should or could be left to the whims of providence. Using their services required a pretty massive bank balance and infinite patience. The Ospreys were firm believers in samples. Samples, samples and more samples.... from cakes, flowers, meals (even breakfast options like bagels and lox), to gowns and tuxes to rings to... well everything. The average bride and groom were forced to choose between literally thousands of options. They remained astoundingly oblivious to the tragic fact that many couples became increasingly unhappy and argumentative after only a few weeks of their planning assistance. Many bolted after a very short time and found their way to the Osprey's biggest competitors, Fred and Nora Flowers, whose business had improved greatly since the Osprey's went into business. Nora - who loved a good play on words - had been heard to say with some frequency that, "thanks to the Ospreys, the Flowers are in bloom again."

And my mini:

Preposterous! Over the top! Wilma Wandabe, former child star, was outraged by the creepy campy performance that dreadful Charlotte Cantaloupe was giving in what should have been HER role. The girl couldn't sing either, but critics seemed to be enthralled by her. "Just goes to show," she muttered loudly to her companion, "that talent isn't everything." "You can say that again," someone in the crowd shouted in a way that made Wilma think perhaps she should keep her thoughts to herself.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: speeding ticket, pedestal, changeling, what we ache for, in demand, carrot soup, powder puff, improvement, shady deal, amplitude

For the mini: eggs over easy, lawn mower, forgiveness, cold shoulder, chipper

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!


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Argent said...

Well I made it finally, plew! Tricksy words this week but I think I got them licked - you certainly have! I really enjoy how neatly you produce completely self-contained little pieces when I have to spend nearly 1000 words to get mine done. Dr John would be tutting in annoyance with me, I'm sure (wonder if he's getting blogger feeds in heaven). Thanks for giving my brain-cells a good workout each week.