Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle # 191

This is the 31st installment of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday. Sorry to be posting it so late (8:40 pm), but I just had a  hard time getting anything to come out of my brain. Not at all heppy with how these turned out, but.... so it goes. Some days are better than others.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:   case, crocodile, sneeze, electricity, paws, pink, frenzy, octagon, helping hand, loudly   And for the mini: soundly, chapter, bell, cheer, clever 

My mega: 

They sat in stunned silence for a few moments, the air both peaceful and crackling with the electricity of divine being who had just performed multiple miracles before their eyes. It took Cane sneezing loudly and rising up on his large paws to bring them back to the present moment. The broken stillness was followed up by a frenzy of excited questions. "Did that really happen?" Melody Stripes gasped loudly. "Or is all of this some crazy dream.... oh, my! Look what she did for our shop, Wallace!" and she was off across the room picking up first a stuffed crocodile and then gazing in wonder at a doll in an elegant glass case wearing an intricate pink dress and earrings made of little golden bells. Looking around at the others, she stammered, "She was so beautiful... and so... I mean, what she has done here for us is so wonderfully generous and clever. Talk about a helping hand. One minute everything was so gloomy and horrible and now it all radiates love and good cheer."  The others laughed, caught up in her contagious delight. "Even for an old wizard like me, this will be a special chapter in my life... Not many are blessed to have such an encounter. I deeply regret that we left Purpose Perfidy on the mountain. He too was a victim of this dark magic and as worthy as any of us of Paradise's healing touch. I hope Paraphrase and the Dragons and I will have the skill to complete the clearing of the curse that has held him all these years." As he spoke, and almost in unison, The Paragon and the Dragon called out... "She has heard your thoughts. He is sleeping soundly after her visit. She has made him a Dragon-ward and created for him an octagon shaped (symbolizing the 8-fold way of the dragon) studio where he will live the remainder of his days in safety, painting the story of the Kingdom's fall and redemption. After, or course, he joins you in the rescue of Amanda Purist. When we have completed our preparations, we are to summon him."  

My mini: 

It was a long time since the Paragon - or any of those present had felt such hope and cheer and although they knew that they must move forward to and try to rescue Amanda Purist, they were somewhat reluctant to ring the bell on these moments of bliss and redemption and move on to the next chapter of their adventure. It was good to be heading on healed and restored and with the knowledge that the Bird of Paradise was soundly on their side. That said, they needed to remind themselves that the enemy was a clever as he was evil and that even with that radiant Being's support, it would not do for them to get careless. They must proceed, but they must proceed with care and caution and every ounce of collective wisdom that they possessed.

My 10-word: 

"Well," the Paragon sighed loudly. "I suppose we must pull ourselves out of this state of contentment respark the electricity of our passion with the memory that our mission is not yet complete. Amanda Purist remains to be rescued and returned the Kingdom of Sunday and to her son, Count Brave Heart the Redeemed." He spoke the count's new name with a big grin and a nod to his former nemesis and then continued.  "Even with the Divine helping hand we have just received, we must be alert and grounded as we proceed."  "Agreed," the dragon and the wizard said in Unison, and  Count Brave Heart added. "Perhaps we should let Cane and Bubble's cat explore the mural first."  As though to show her agreement with that plan, Bubbles' cat Parchment began wrestling with the stuffed crocodile in a frenzy of purrs, hisses, and churning  paws. Cane, for his part, sneezed, rose to his feet and planted himself before the mural on the wall. It was only then that the Paragon noticed that each of the animals now wore a small pink octagon around its neck. "Where did those medallions come from?" he asked no one in particular. Paraphrase responded. "The Divine One has put them - like the painter Perfidy - under the protection of the Dragons.The octagon is our symbol, representing the 8-Fold Way. It is our honor to watch over them. And yes, I will explain to you the meaning of the 8-Fold way, but for now, we have more important tasks with which to contend." 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  manor, banana, wrap, craft, gardenias, wrinkles, paraphernalia, speaker, mold, stone wall

And for the mini: credit, cavern, spelling, hood, foundation

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


Argent said...

Still enjoying this story; there's a sweet whimsicality to it that is very attractive and not something you could ever do deliberately. Looking forward to the resolution, but will be sad when it's over.

The Bug said...

I'm enjoying the story too - I'll miss these characters when it ends...