Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 192

This is the 32st installment of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday.  Not sure if I'll post mine this evening or if I'll wait until tomorrow, but thought I'd put Mr. Linky and the words up awhile on the off chance that someone besides me may want to participate.

5:03 PM Saturday:  Finally finished. It seems to be getting more difficult as the weeks pass. Sorry to be so late posting.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:  manor, banana, wrap, craft, gardenias, wrinkles, paraphernalia, speaker, mold, stone wall   And for the mini: credit, cavern, spelling, hood, foundation

My mega: 

As the Paragon's Dog Cane and Bubbles' grey cat Parchment made their way through the magical mural, Fred Johnson and the dragons took turns spelling each other to watch over and stay connected to their minds. Purpose Perfidy, who had - while under a curse - created the mural's painted depths, had joined them in the toy shop, equipped with all the paraphenalia an artist required to engage his craft. Despite the malice of its intent, it was difficult not to see the artist's heart in the amazing depth of details as they followed the animals' journey through his work. The details were astonishing, from the lichen mold on the stone wall that ran along the path Cane was following, to the gardenias and other flowers that filled the gardens that wrapped around a faded banana yellow manor house that came at the end of Parchment's path. Cane's path came to an end at the entrance to a large cavern whose foundation appeared to be made of clear and radiant crystal. "I have to give you credit, Purpose," the Paragon whispered, "You are one talented painter. The world you have created here is so beautiful that it's hard to believe it's intent was evil." "I didn't know what they intended when I started out," the painter replied, "They asked me to create a dream world for Lady Purist... it, it was supposed to be a gift of love..." he stuttered, weeping with grief and shame..."only at the last did they reveal their purpose and compel me to continue on...."  As he paused for breath another speaker's voice interrupted and two hooded figures appeared in the mural - one before Cane and the other before Bubbles' cat. As both animals crouched to attack, the Wizard transported them out of the painting. "Just what he wanted you to do, my fine creatures, but we have better ways of dealing with him, don't we Parchment, my dear?"  As he spoke these words, his wrinkled face burst into a radiant smile and he vanished with a quiet pop.

My mini: 

As if by magic - well, not as if... it was definitely magic.... the wizard appeared before the hooded figure outside the cavern and within seconds the Paragon and the dragon, arrived before his counter part outside the manner. "Nice spelling," the dragon whispered to her partner. "Your magic skills do you credit, especially considering how newly acquired foundation of knowledge is. You have already proven to be a great Paragon of Virtue, but I think with time, you will become a master wizard as well.... should you choose to do so."

My 10-word: 

Standing before the mysterious figures - one outside the crystal cavern and the other blocking the banana yellow manor house - they spoke in unison: "It's always darkest before the dawn," and continued with Grandfather Purist's chant. "Remember son, the Number One,Sun to sun, the Number One, Day is Done, the Number One, that is how the spell's begun, First we dance, then we run, then we watch the web be spun. Hate expires, Love has won, Love is ONE. Dawn of day to setting sun. Remember always Number One,"   As the words seemed to wrap around them, the hoods fell back revealing malevolent faces that glared at the speakers before them. In their hands they held the seeming paraphernalia of their dark magic. They opened their own mouths as though to repel the love mantra with words from their own dark craft, but instead found themselves howling with a kind of wild agony as the skin on their faces rapidly cracked and turned to wrinkles and they dissolved into small piles of dust on the road, like so much mold. Miraculously, the gardenias, the stone wall and all the parts of the painting that had been painted with love and innocence remained pristine and beautiful. One step closer to their goal, the three asked each other the telepathic question? What next? The manor or the cave? 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  accountable, amber, quake, layers, graffiti, emerald, eager, weighty, fluke, blanket

And for the mini: conscience, charitable, claustrophobic, cargo, companionship

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


Argent said...

Still keeping up the suspense! Good work with the words here. Have a speech to write but will do my effort as soon as I can.

The Bug said...

O wow - very exciting! I vote for the manor, but it's probably the cave :)