Monday, June 07, 2010

Daily Reminder # 11

A robin from another season...

Pay attention to your little voice.

Your little voice is very smart. It knows things. It shouldn't be carelessly over-ridden. I'm writing this early today. I usually write the daily reminder right before I post it shortly after midnight (on good nights). But alas, today's inspiration comes at a sad price. I just ignored my little voice and I'm a very unhappy person. For the first time in ages, I went and sat at the back door and took a bunch of pictures. Counting a few I took over the past few days, there were about 90 of them. I was excited about the ones from this afternoon. I had a bunch of pictures for Ruby Tuesday. I discovered that my wild roses aren't dead, they are hiding and I got some pictures of them. Best of all, there was the handsomest robin I've seen in ages and he posed and posed and posed and I got some wonderful shots of his gentleman bird-ness. And here the happiness ends, alas... and the reason for today's reminder.

Glowing with delight (well, metaphorically, anyway) I came to my desk to download the photos into the "new" computer. I just did what I usually do - download, unplug the camera, and delete the photos from the camera card. As I was in the process of deleting them, my little voice was counselling me not to delete them. It actually said I might lose them and why not wait. I hesitated, then told myself I was being foolish, even though there was no reason not to wait... NO reason. So what happened? This computer has Adobe Photoshop - which will be cool if I ever learn to use it. But for some reason (maybe because I was busy deleting pictures on the camera and not paying attention) it over rode what usually happens and I wasn't paying attention so none of my beautiful robin photos got saved and counter to the pleading of my little voice I had deleted them from the camera.

So... I'm sad and annoyed with myself. My little voice is pretty savvy. I don't know why I didn't listen. And that's why this is today's daily reminder. Your little voice is your friend and 9 times out of 10 (or possibly more often than that) has good advice.... so if it starts whispering or shouting... stop what you are doing and take heed.

One important caveat regarding listening to your little voice, though. Make sure it's your little voice and not the voice of one of your inner demons. They are tricky little bastards and will do their best to make you think that they are your inner wisdom. You don't want to listen to inner demons. They are always wrong. So, be careful. If you listen with your heart (which I didn't do this afternoon) and not your head and you'll know the difference. If you're in doubt, you might ask a question like... Is this something an angel would say to me? (For example... is an angel likely to tell you that the situation is hopeless and it's pointless for you to even try? I think not.)

Anyway, this is not my best reminder, but then my inner demons tend to be highly critical of all my posts, so... Anway... I'm trying to remind myself that there will be other robins and that the roses will still be there tomorrow... And, more importantly, perhaps, that I had a good time taking the photos. I'm not buying it completely at the moment, though it has helped a bit. I really wanted to share the robin. He was sweet.

Roses from another season...
this year they are hiding up inside the bush behind them.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • strawberries
  • rain
  • last year's photos
  • Google
  • cool evening air

Especially you, E... Happy Birthday!

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Argent said...

Ignore that inner voice at your peril, indeed! I've done similar things to this. I was once standing at a bus stop listening to my pocket radio and they were having a competition where you had to phone in and if your birthday matched the one they were to announce, you'd win. No, I told my inner voice, not going to go home and call, I'll miss the bus (no mobiles back then), nope. and anyway, it won't be mine, it never is. Guess what? It was and I missed it. Hey ho.