Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge: Week 113

This is week 113 of the Weekly (aka Saturday) Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. Sorry this is posting late. Blogger is saving after virtually every word I type, which makes the process VERY slow. Did the same thing last week. Don't know why. If it's the time I'm working or something about how I cut and paste the weekly structured stuff, but it's making me cranky and late both. Anyway, I apologize.

week's 10-word challenge are:
chapter, vigorous, whipped cream, charter member, cut a rug, fling, sparingly, gravity, pregnant pause, universal
For the mini: glamorous, gin and tonic, fill in the blanks, water-logged, masterpiece

My 10-word:

Sal Simmerson was a charter member of the Hancock chapter of the Cut a Rug and Have a Fling Society. The society believed that vigorous dancing was a universal cure for almost anything that could ail a person. Sal was something of a dancing fanatic, but the gravity with which he pursued his cause somewhat contradicted the theme of dancing as a source of joy and healing. When he danced, however, he lived the message in a way that nobody could miss. Sitting across the table on their first date, Mirabelle was nibbling sparingly on her strawberries and whipped cream, waiting for the pregnant pause friends had warned her came before he broached the subject of dance. So far the date had gone well but she wanted to hear what he had to say about before she told him that she was President of the Delhi Samba and Tango club. He must have done well, because a month later they were engaged, a year later they were married and 20 year later they had a troop of 7 little dancers of various sizes.

The mini:

Looking around at the water-logged wreckage of what had once been his glamorous summer country home, John Smith wished very much that he had a whole jug of gin and tonics to numb the grief he felt. He had designed the place himself and it had been a masterpiece of beauty and charm. He had expected to win awards for his design. Now all that remained were after the ravages of fire and the water damage the fire department had wrought putting it out was a husk of charred wood, broken glass and water soaked decor. Now he was asked to fill in the blanks of a form for an insurance company that didn't care, that didn't see his home for what it had been - his creation, his dream - but just as a commodity. He knew it had to be done. It's just that there was no blank for a broken heart.

The mega:
(I apologize. This is SOOOO bad... but with the constant saving, I was already late and I just couldn't try again.)

For vigorous exercise, I'd "cut a rug,"
Fling my arms and give a hug
To the glamorous girl I was wedded to
Best day of my life when I said "I do,"
Of her fan club I'm the charter member
Lasted a life-time - May to December
First time we met there was whipped cream on her nose
And still she looked beautiful from head to toes
Her make-up was always sparingly applied
There was nary a blemish she needed to hide
That very first meeting she stole my heart
And I'll tell you now it was a wonderful start
To a life-long love with many a chapter
I was hers for always - she was my captor
I bought a gin and tonic and asked her on a date
She said yes and sealed my fate
A life-time of happiness universal
For heaven my our life was a dress rehearsal
Fill in the blanks with words for delight
And you''ll have my life described just right
Time never dimmed her beauty fair
When I walked with her, I walked on air
And now God has called his masterpiece home
Left me this world alone to roam
My eyes water-logged eyes are running dry
I cry and cry and cry and cry
For Laura Gravity, beloved wife
The center of my world and life
But life goes on though she has passed
A pregnant pause that will not last
Til I am in her arms once more
At Heaven's glorious golden door.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: Cleopatra, Saturday, perfume, suicide, guaranteed satisfaction, germs, stop in the name of love, Swiss cheese, cheap, luggage

For the mini: gratitude, shadows, sufferin' succotash, flattery, piglet

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!



The Bug said...

I enjoyed all three of these. Very ambitious to have a poem! Maybe next week I'll try all three types.

Argent said...

Hi Raven, I'm even later than you are! I enjoyed your pieces as always. As Bug said, ambitious to do a poem, and it was NOT bad at all. I like your romantic stories too and such a shame for the chap in middle story losing his house like that. you have a real feeling for people's emotions.

Clarence said...

Can I do this too? It's very late I know! I forgot how much fun these are.

Raven said...

Hi Clarence... almost missed your note... Of COURSE you can! Glad to have you join in.

Raven said...

By the way... don't forget to add your name to Mr. Linky. Thanks