Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Reminder # 32

The cupboards in my brain need to be restocked, so I thought I'd just share a few random quotes from Emmanuel's Book tonight. I wanted to put a link to the Emmanuel's Friends website but it came up as unsafe so I linked to again. I love this book. I was blessed to have a private session many years ago with Emmanuel and Pat Rodegast (who channels Emmanuel). I went to see her with a friend who I think of as "my almost twin brother." We met back when we were still reasonably young on (a real life in the flesh) line looking for holiday work at Macy's in NYC, got to talking and discovered that we were born in the same hospital only hours apart. How's that for a small, mysterious world? We used to meet for our birthday every year back when I lived in the city and still left my apartment. But anyway, here are three thoughts from Emmanuel for us to ponder.

Let your prayer be an ongoing renewal

You pray
by touching the deepest part of you
that longs, that needs, that is.
Let it speak in its own language,
more often than not without words.

The longing itself
is the prayer of life
"I want to be with you again, God.
I want to be Home."

There is no how to prayer.
It simply is.
It is a part of the Oneness.
It is a part of your coming Home.
Do it whatever way you like

Prayer is to assure you
of your connection with Home,
much as when you were children
and you left for the day.
There was that moment of panic --
I'm sure you remember it --
when you had to call home
just to be sure
that it was still there.
Prayer is like that
It is calling Home.


One cannot surrender completely
to anything but God.
All other surrender s symbolic.

Surrender can be proclaimed as the most selfish act
because it leads to total fulfillment.

When man's will is aligned with God's will
it is an effortless existence
in which the wisdom within you
is in a place of comfort
and loosely held control.

To know the presence of God's will
you need to listen to the many voices
that live in you.
You will find vices of fear,
rage, contradiction, obstinacy,
illusions of all sorts.
When those voices become familiar
then the gentleness, the softness,
warmth and Light of your inner wisdom
can the more easily be heard.
It contrasts with the cacaphony
of those other voices
that are superimposed upon the inner knowing,
that is God's will.

The final lesson for each soul
is the total surrender to the will of God
manifested in your own heart.


The heart is an unerring compass
within each one of you.
The heart knows the soul
better than the mind does.
Unless your mind is in the service
of the heart
it becomes a warped and twisted master.

The only path that is right for you
is the one that is already designed within you.
To find this path
you have to hear your own heart
There simply is no other way.

While the small mind, in its fear,
is rigid and controlling,
the deeper part of you will begin to whisper
the truth of your eternal safety
and your Oneness wtih God.
So listen to your heart.
This is where your Light is
and your truth.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

fans (ceiling and floor)
Tara's snot-free nose
Angel's new "found" toy

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Carletta said...

Raven, you have been getting some wonderful photos I see.
I really like the Blue Jays here. They are probably my favorite bird. They disappear for days here and then come back to surprise me every time.
I really need to take a lesson from you and look at things every day for which I should be grateful. Not always easy when things seem to be piling up on you. :)