Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Reminder # 31

I'm stumped. Got nothing tonight. Well maybe not absolutely nothing. Nothing-ish. "Something" light.

Quality beats quantity. Real friends are rare and precious.

I was playing a PCH game earlier and there was this little message from someone saying something like "God bless all new friends." I play these games sometimes. I just play the games. I don't want to chat with anyone. I make no effort to socialize yet I have no less than 50 requests from total strangers who can't possibly know anything about me asking me to be their friend. I see these emails and I always wonder what such a friendship could possibly mean. I don't think these people actually want to know me. They want to add me as a number, a notch on their cyber ego belts. It's just weird.

Thank God I have some special people in my life - both cyber and flesh and blood - who make me think, make me laugh, advise, inspire, share... in short... who my days richer.

Collecting friends like baseball cards just seems meaningless to me. That anyone wants to do it or is made to feel better by doing it... stumps me. Really stumps me. (I do love puns.)

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • real friends
  • email
  • sandwiches
  • good movies (watched with a friend)
  • wordzzlers
  • puns

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