Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Reminder #24

Sometimes it's good to rest.

Sometimes more happens while we rest than when we are running on life's treadmill. Look at what the caterpillar accomplishes while it rests. Your butterfly is in there. She (or he) will emerge when she's ready.

Today, I'm resting. I hope each of you can find a way to rest - whether actively or passively - and that you have a wonderful day rich with many blessings.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • naps
  • head butts
  • raspberries
  • my house
  • ear phones
  • birds


Janie B said...

Enjoy your day of rest! See you on the other side.

Argent said...

Rest is good. I see you're grateful for head-butts - from the kitties, I hope? I have a day off tomorrow (woo-hoo) which I'm really going to try and savour.

quilly said...

Rest. I have a towering stack of "must dos" and all I want to do is take a pain pill and sleep.