Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Daily Reminder # 12 with Touches of Red

It's Ruby Tuesday hosted by Mary/theTeach at Work of the Poet for people who love red. I was going to make a separate post but I'm too lazy, so I'm posting my RT photos with my Daily Reminders today. I had thought about using a pun like "seeing red" and talking about anger, but I didn't feel like it. No relation between the photos and the words. Hope nobody minds. I had a whole bunch of amazing robin photos but they were lost to a tragic downloading accident. I'm still heartbroken.

Today's Reminder: Humor is divine.

I've always found it puzzling that Christianity (in my experience) tends to portray God as such a grim being. I can't imagine being God and not laughing sometimes. Joy and laughter seem so glorious and holy to me. I love the idea of the laughing Buddha. It's glorious.

When I was really young (compared to now... about 7 or 8) I had a kind of booming laugh that I think of now as my Buddha laugh. My whole being was in it and it came from somewhere beyond me and it rolled out of me and usually when it started everybody around me ended up laughing until it hurt, myself included. It wasn't usually about anything. It just was. My mother hated it and eventually cured me of it. ("You'll be crying by bedtime," she would intone and then she would make it happen.) But I digress. There was something about that laugh that connected me with God/the Universe/All-that-Is. It felt SO good to laugh like that. I have very little memory of my childhood, but I have an almost visceral memory of that laugh and a longing for it as well. I'm still hoping that maybe some day I'll get it back.

But what made me think divine humor as today's reminder topic is something that happened last night during a reiki treatment I was doing for a woman who lives up in Maine. I had worked on her foot a few weeks ago and last night heard from her saying that her foot was doing pretty well but that she had just found out that the company she has worked for for 10 years has been sold and she doesn't know quite what that means for her future. She was feeling anxious. She's fun to reiki because she really just opens herself to the energy and I felt her start to float pretty quickly into the session. Then about 40 minutes in, something interesting happened. I felt/saw angels/spirits come and do a kind of surgery on her back. I hadn't sensed anything wrong with her back, but there was this lovely, peaceful "event" and at one point I "saw" them lift her glowing spine up and show it to me. Weird. Anyway, when I emailed her about her session, I told her about this. She replied saying she had fallen into a deep sleep during the session, woke up feeling good that she hadn't been aware of any problem with her back.

That was when it hit me - yes I DO have a point - that this was angel humor. Their punny message to someone concerned about her future: "We've got your back!" (The had literally taken it out and shown it to me.) In hindsight I know that was what the surgery was and it delights me. God/Angels/The Divine has a wonderful sense of humor and I think we often try to be so proper around our spirituality that we totally miss out on this wonderful aspect of how the Universe communicates with us.

Another example perhaps... I'm having a problem with my left foot that has me a bit worried. About the same time I started worrying about it... I got 4 reiki clients with problems where? The left foot. Don't tell me Some Being isn't chuckling somewhere.

My reminder is kind of garbled today, but I guess I'm trying to say that I think the Deity has a sense of humor and we should open our hearts to it... and also that we should connect to the divine connection that humor and laughter create between our ego self and our Higher Self. In short. Laugh a little. It's good for you and I think it makes God happy too.

I thought my wild roses had died
but they are just hiding this year
in the branches of the bush behind them.

and some red leaves hiding

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • My friend Ellie
  • humor
  • roses
  • birds
  • mail that comes to my door


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Nature...and nature at work is so refreshing and uplifting!!! Sorry to hear about your photo loss. I've done that myself, and was heartbroken.

My R T is "lady in red"...a portrait of my daughter. Come by and view her if you can find time, I'd love your visit!!

Argent said...

You're so right about the usual christian conception of god as a grim being - the puritans have a LOT to answer for! We need more humour for sure.

Dianne said...

laughter is healing
at least I have found it to be
your wild roses look just like my wild roses :)

Hope sends hugs

Robin said...

Beautiful flowers, and you're right, there is something very powerful and very healing about laughter. We could all use some more of it in our lives.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

quilly said...

That wheelbarrow pic is wonderful!

Not all of Christianity portrays Christ as grim. Preachers who focus primarily on the old testament and don't seem to realize the joys of resurrection (along with most of the Catholic Church) are using fear and intimidation to keep people in line, and that is not what the New Testament is about.

Check here for the Christ I know: http://www.joyfulnoiseletter.com

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
Of course God has a great sense of laughter and humor, else he wouldn't have been able to pass it on to us.
Good preachers know this, and how connecting laughter is, so they'll always open the sermon with more or less funny remarks. (the good ones, that is).
Hearing how your mother treated you brings tears in my eyes.

I still think the biggest sin is to destroy people's joy.
To see how the glow fades away from the eyes, inhuman.

Oh, all the wounds that need healing..
It's a blessing, though, that you still are laughing, a blessing and a victory.
Roses among thorns, like those in your picture.

tatess said...

laughter is the best medicine too. lovely wild roses.thanks for the visit.

EG Wow said...

Love the wild roses!

Jim said...

First of all, these are pretty roses that you have. I take it they grow year after year outside your windows. My last week's RT had the flowers that grow wild in our side yard. We can see from the stair window. Or the upstairs porch.

Yes, I think God has a sense of humor though I can't remember a specific example in the Bible right now. For one reason is that we are made in His image so if we have one then he must too. :)

Happy RT! I missed you yesterday though I put my new to us cat, Amber, on again.
I forgot you did reiki. If I could it might help on my tooth situation tomorrow. I am having three teeth pulled early in the morning. I will pray extra hard and so will Mrs. Jim. That had ought to work.

Dave said...

Beautiful series of roses.