Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Daily Reminder # 13

The world is made of miracles. Just look around at the flowers, at clouds, at the bird on a stump and question whether there are miracles in this life. Think of the human body, how we breathe air in and out and it keeps us alive, how we can see and hear and think.... how a throat can vibrate and make sounds so beautiful they make smile or laugh or cry or ....

Then there are miracles of human kindness and the resilience of every species. There's a place called the Catskill Animal Sanctuary an awesome place where they rescue abused and sick animals. A friend sent this essay to me today. I hope you'll read it. It will make you smile.

The human spirit, the animal spirit are awesome things. That we rise above our wounds is a testament to what we are capable of and yet very few of us recognize ourselves for the miraculous and beautiful souls that we are. We don't let ourselves fly. And we are ashamed (I'm projecting my own wounds here) of our desire to do so and afraid of it as well.

You are awesome. I am awesome. Every soul on this earth is awesome (even the ones we can't stand). If we could find it in ourselves to look at everyone and everything with the eyes of love - with attention to how amazing the world around us really is - I think we'd take better care of ourselves and our environment.

Not sure I'm making sense tonight. I'm writing this very late.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • clean laundry
  • miracles
  • truth tellers
  • poetry
  • beauty
  • butterflies


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

we are all,me,them and all the living creatures in this whole wide world....look at this birds and you can tell how awesome life is on earth....thank you for the can come back anytime...thanks..

Argent said...

I think the sheer abundance of these wonders is what blinds us to them. Just becuase miracles are everywhere doesn't make them commonplace - but we forget this, being so wrapped up in ourselves.