Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Reminder # 23

Tara Grace

Love heals, both in the giving and the receiving.

I'm so grateful for my cats. Each of the 4 cats I have "personed" in my life has taught me so much about love and courage. Katrina, my first kitty taught me about unconditional love. Abby taught me about resilience and determination, Angel has taught me about joy and expecting love and Tara has taught me about strength and forgiveness. Among other things, for each of them. They have each and all healed my heart and spirit at times when it was low.

Love combined with faith and intention is a truly powerful force. That's what reiki is, really. It's what prayer is. I love doing what I think of as "Love Experiments." (I know, I talked about this before in Episode 16 of The Daily Reminder, but you try being original every day.) Anyway, when I do reiki, I set the intention that the energy will go to the person seeking it and I let the energy (Love/God) do it's thing. One of the best lessons I ever heard for doing reiki was to trust the energy and not try to do the work for it. Trying to force it, the teacher explained, is like thinking about how you walk or talk. Thinking about the mechanics interferes with the process.


One of the healing techniques that same teacher (his name is Serge Kahili King) taught us was to hold a stone or some object in each hand and hold your hands in front of you or on your lap. Let one stone be the object of your intention and the other hold the intention. Then simply focus on the stones and see what happens. If you're like me and if you're open to the possibility, you'll feel energy move between your hands. If you experiment with different recipients and intentions, you'll discover that it feels different each time, much the way reiki energy feels different depending on the situation and the person receiving it.

Angel Joy

Anyway, I want to start (I've already done some) sending love to the Gulf of Mexico and the people and wildlife there. I also want to continue to send healing to the bees.

But you can experiment with this in many ways. Send love to your job. Wrap the people or the situation in light. If your visual, see it. If you're not, just think it. I often ask angels to act on my behalf. When I reiki people, I usually reiki the space they are in, especially hospitals or nursing homes or animal hospitals. I reiki my home every night. I ask that it be a place of peace and love and light for myself, Angel and Tara and anyone and everyone who enters. It costs me no more than a minute or two to do this and if it doesn't work, that's all I've lost. If it does, well, I've gained a lot. Everyone who comes here tells me that they feel healed being here, so I'm guessing it works.

My philosophy on these things is "what is there to lose" by experimenting with Love? Not much. What is there to gain? Happiness, peace, healing....

I've posted aura photos before, but I think they are a wonderful visual reminder that what I'm talking about has a reality that can be seen. These two photos were taken about 3 hours apart, one just before the beginning of a workshop where I spent 2 or 3 hours channeling reiki and the second one after. I think the difference is pretty amazing.

Guess that's it for today except (almost forgot)...

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • reiki
  • my cats past and present
  • Love
  • aura photography
  • possibilities

I send love to every eye
and mind
that reads this.


Janie B said...

What a lovely, heartwarming post, Katherine. Thank you. I feel your love coming through.

Finding Pam said...

Hey Raven, I have just caught up on your blog. I am sorry that Tara Grace is sick. I prefer a pill to that liquid.

Your hands are very interesting and tell me a lot about you. I thank you for the Reiki and the love you posted here.

Your hands look small, but are gentle and strong at the same time. Loved the photos of your sweet cats past and present.

Take care and keep inspiring us.