Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday at the Movies: More about Reiki

I'm still a touch down in the dumps today. The sky is gray and dreary and it's cold out even though it should be balmy and spring-like and I'm tired and cranky... So, I thought I'd let someone else do the talking. And since some people expressed curiosity to learn more about reiki than what I shared in my post on Monday, I thought these videos might be of interest.

There's quite a lot of video here. The first is fairly short and I just thought it was pretty. The next six seemed to me to be a pretty good basic pragmatic discussion about reiki so I decided to share it here.

In the second series, they quite a bit about "release forms." I thought that was a touch disingenuous. When I was doing a lot of hands-0n reiki in NYC, I used to have people sign a release form because I was advised to do so simply as a way to protect myself from the unlikely but still possible risk of being sued by some unhappy or unstable person. Reiki doesn't fall under the parameters of therapy or medicine, so the release form is really a way of protecting yourself legally, because there are crazy people out there who will sometimes want to blame you for everything that's wrong in their life. Reiki offers miracles, but practitioners aren't god and we don't control what the miracles or non-miracles a person experiences will be. We're just channels or facilitators. What happens is not in our hands. It just comes through our hands.

I hope this has added a little depth to your understanding of reiki. I love reiki so much. It has changed my life and brought much joy into it. I hope some of you will explore it for yourselves.


Dianne said...

unstable people in NYC!?

really!? :)

I will view the videos when my data is ready, it will be a nice way of rewarding and relaxing after too many hours at a keyboard.

I hope Wordzzle Saturday cheers you up, it always does me.

Raven said...

I kind of think there are unstable people everywhere. Sometimes people come for reiki and "new age" healing looking to have their whole lives cured in an hour. I've had people a couple of times - usually people who were very wounded and difficult to deal with throughout the process - start blaming me for their unhappiness in life... or wanting me to be their friend instead of a professional... and then getting mad at me...

I am half way through writing my wordzzles and am looking forward to what others come up with.

Hope your day has gone well and that you get to put your feet up and relax for a while.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the videos:D