Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daily Reminder # 268

No photos tonight and no imagination, so I'm going to let God and Neale Donald Walsh take charge accompanied by something from YouTube and some gratitude.

I've always loved this song. Makes me smile and reminds me
that I was young once.

On this day of your life, dear friend, 
I believe God wants you to know...
...that there is no 'right way' 
to do anything, there is only
the way you are doing it.

Never be afraid to "try your hand" because you don't
want to might make a mistake 
or not do something  "right." 
Success in life comes from being willing 
to move into Unchartered Territory.

Always remember: 
Life begins at the end of your
Comfort Zone.

You will not have to think but a second to know
exactly why you received this message today.

Love, Your Friend....


Some things I'm grateful for today: (Items in red are pre-gratitude, a way of inspiring the universe to manifest my hopes and dreams.)
  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • reiki
  • angels
  • peanut butter
  • rice chips
  • my computer
  • Neale Donald Walsh
  • my 5 senses
  • naps
  • water
  • strawberry banana yogurt smoothies
  • Sam-e
  • ibuprofen
  • indoor plumbing
  • food
  • YouTube
  • music
  • 3 Dog Night
  • memories
  • a clothes dryer
  • zero balance on my credit cards
  • paid off mortgage
  • a sun room on the back of the house
  • Nintendo
  • winning the HGTV Vermont Dream House
  • a million dollars a year for life from PCH
  • winning lottery tickets
  • a Bose sound system
  • freshly painted bedroom and living room walls
  • a good mattress for the guest room
  • my reiki bears
  • blue skies
  • the hope of Spring
  • ice cream
  • music
  • Netflix
  • computer games
  • beauty
  • laughter
  • life
Always loved this one too....



San said...

That Three Dog Night came out my senior year in high school. Hearing the song makes me feel young. Seeing the band's faces makes me feel old, but in a good way. (I guess.) :D

You've got some ambitious red items on that gratitude list. The Universe has her work cut out. Just kidding. I should draw up one of those myself, Katherine.

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